Thursday, April 30, 2015

The New Mechanicus - Some progress...

So, I've managed to get start on my Adepts Mechanicus models. The first unit of Skitarii Rangers are pictured above. The overall aesthetic of these models has grown on me, but they are a bit of a bear to put together. The main flaw, in my opinion, being the difficulty you can have to rid yourself of the seams on the sides of the robes once the front and back halves are glued together. These bases are from Dragon Forge Design's Tech Deck range. But anyway, on to the show.

Here's my Ranger Alpha. I really love this head, so I used it instead of a hooded head. The taser goad is there because I love the rules, and the arc pistol is there to give him something that looks considerably different to the galvanic rifles of his squad.

The two Rangers above, give a pretty good idea of the amount of character these models do have, considering their reduced posability and covered faces.

This current squad has a Ranger with palm caliver and a transuranic arquebus (above). I'm planning on giving this squad three arquebuses (arquebii?), the second squad three calivers, and the third squad three arc rifles. The base is made from the box, with a layer of conversion bits, again from Dragon Forge Design's Tech Deck range (just scroll to the bottom of the linked page).

And finally, the first squad of Ruststalkers are under way. They'll all have glossy black faceplates, punctured by a single, glowing red eye. I've started painting one of these wonderful models, so I'll put up some photos soon.


PS. A drop pod tutorial will be coming soon : )
PPS. If you need some 28mm scale skulls, check out Dragon Forge Design's new Kickstarter HERE. Only four days left to pledge.


  1. Beautiful builds, man - love how you approached the basing on the arquebus-toting trooper. I've been squirreling away the box sets in the Closet of Doom, really looking forward to seeing how you paint yours up. Love the idea of tying the Ruststalkers' faceplates in with the Thallax and so forth. That's going to look fantastic!

  2. Hey Dave, size wise, are those Skit arms there interchangeable with some of the Cadian ones, or V's?

  3. I like that you give your dudes gear based on how the squad will look as a whole.

    1. Also, I'm going to use a lot of bits from the Ruststalkers box on my 30k Iron Hands. They're perfect!

  4. So great to see you getting your hands on these, mate!
    I look forward to the painting ;)



  5. Love these guys! The basing is great!

  6. Dave your stuff is fantastic! Just joy over here, nothing but joy.

  7. Love your work - period :)

    Quick one - if you don't mind the base on which the model with transuranic arquebus stands is made from the conversion set. What is the part on which the monopod stands on from as it doesn't appear to be in the said set?

    Thanks a lot!

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