Tuesday, April 28, 2015

And so it begins - NOCF 2015

Over the next few months I'll be ramping up the content here about the 2015 efforts for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Army Raffles.

This year we have five different armies/collections planned and underway. There are:
• Flames Of War - a Polish Army (including train).
• Malifaux - close to 70 models including a variety of Masters, meaning that this collection could be a great seed for a club about to get into Halifax.
• 40K - Novamarines, a massive collection is underway.

And the two armies that I'm involved in directing are based on a story by Gav Thorpe:
• Alaitoc Eldar
• Sons Of Orar Space Marines

As you might be able to guess, I'm painting up the drop pods for the Sons Of Orar force.

On Sunday it was nice enough (finally) to be able to sit out on my front porch so, while my wife worked in the garden and my daughters played on the sidewalk, I sat and clipped out all the parts for the three pods. There are a LOT of parts in this kit, and most of them are in multiples of five (which becomes fifteen across three kits!)

I takes a lot of scraping to clean the mold lines on all of those parts.

I'm thinking it might be of interest to do a bit of a "here's how I do drop pods" kind of tutorial. Would you be interested? Let me know if you would in the comments below.

And be ready for many more posts on this subject : )



  1. Drop Pod tutorial would be great, Dave. I'm looking at creating a Pod army for my Blood Angels, so would be interested in seeing your process.

  2. I have a drop pod sitting there, built not painted. I really ought to finish that sucker off.

  3. How to. Yes, yes, good. Give away all your secrets. Excellent...

  4. I'd be interested to see how you go about getting the engine attached to the vanes without any help of pins! And get them straight!!!

  5. Always interested in your stuff :)


  6. Looking forward to it! The drop pod is a surprisingly fiddly kit to assemble properly, would love to see your tips and tricks!

  7. I'd love a tutorial. I have a Pod sitting in its box and waiting to be built. A few pointers might be helpful there...

  8. After assembling and painting 5 in one go I can attest that it was probably a bad idea. There has to be a better way. Once assembled and undercoated it was annoying in the extreme to paint the insides. I was a sad puppy doing it that way. Dave, got a better idea? Assemble some and not others, painting bits and moving along? What do you think? I still have 3 left on the sprues.


  9. don't forget to take the mold lines off the bottom of the doors on either side of the hinge barrel!
    that's what stops the doors closing fully... people still miss it!