Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Solar Auxilia Command

In amongst everything else, I've started on a little bit more work for my Solar Auxilia army, using my old Vostroyans.

Above is the old officer that was going to lead my army. Sadly he was never finished. So, here he is, resurrected and still WIP, standing on his new Dragon Forge base. I'll be using him as my Lord Marshal.

Here are the group that will be my new Auxilia Tactical Command Section. The Proclaimator, Vexilarius, and two Veteran Auxilia are complete (have been for a long time) but I recently got the bug to build a Strategos from the the commander in the Tempestus Scions box, with the head of a Vostroyan lascannon crew member and the archaeotech pistol from a FW Legion Praetor model.

As I get certain elements of the army assembled and/or painted, I'll throw them up here.



  1. Love the touch with the Vostroyans! It reminds me of the Geno 5-2 Chiliad troops on the cover of Legion by Dan Abnett. Super keen to see where you take this!

  2. Truly stunning detail work - gorgeously painted!

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