Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

During this time of reflection and renewal, take a moment to remember...

No matter how tough things can get in your life, it has to be better than being hardwired into a Reaver Titan!

May you all enjoy 2014 at least as much as I enjoyed 2013. There will be plenty more fun to come in 2014, and I'll get to my usual "reflection and resolutions" posting soon.

Until then, have fun painting!



  1. Being a servitor would suck. One of the things I love about sci-fi and fantasy wargaming - it isn't real! :)

    I can appreciate historical wargames, but the closer they get to modern day, the more "real" they become and my interest plummets with the familiarity with their reality.

    But fake totalitarianism, mind-wiped cyborg slaves, and "blood for the blood god!".... Well bring it on! :)

    Happy New Year Dave and keep the gorgeous minis coming (or in the case of the impending Titan... Not so mini!)

    1. "I'm doing my part! Are you!"

      I'm with you on fantasy versus reality :)

  2. Happy New Year, Dave! Here's to another year of dang good modeling!

  3. Happy New Year to you too, Dave, and thanks for such a smashing post - it made me chuckle so loudly I almost woke my slumbering baby!

    Here's to 2014, eh?

  4. Happy new year, Dave. Your work always astonishes, inspires and excites me. Have a great 2014, Sir! And very best wishes to you and your family!!