Thursday, January 9, 2014

Primaris Secutar - a Reaver Titan build - Part One

I think I mentioned that I'm playing in the Adeptus Titanicus game at Adepticon this year, right? Well, if I didn't mention it earlier, you know now.

I'll be building the Rever Titan Primaris Secutar of the Legio Crucius. This is the Reaver that I purchased "mostly assembled" around four years ago. It has been sitting in a drawer, waiting for the right moment. And that moment is now.

Here are the PIP knee pads, with the one of the left sporting a sculpted icon of the Legio. This will be a reasonably long road. As a friend pointed out the other day, it's only 11 weeks or so until Adepticon 2014!

Additionally, the pics of the Mechanicum Myrmidon models in the back of the January WD inspired my to start converting up a few of my own. Now I just have to get a few Necron specialist box sets to keep rolling. The bases are from Dragon Forge Designs.