Thursday, January 23, 2014

BoLS Gamewire is now live!

Well, my friend Larry over at Bell of Lost Souls has gone and upped the game again. From the site's humble beginnings as a cool hobby blog, BigRed has gone on to build one of the most heavily-trafficked sites in the miniature wargaming world. A few years ago, Larry added the BoLS Lounge, which has become a very popular place for loads of wargamers to hang out and then he added a few other elements to the site.

Now, he has added BoLS Gamewire, a service that allows miniature wargaming companies to sign up and post their press releases directly to one of the biggest news sites in the biz. No waiting, no delay, right to the hobbyist's computer.

Check it our HERE, and get your news from the Gamewire source ; )



  1. Hi Dave. love your work and looking forward to more Death Guard minis. But I was hoping you could publish pictures of your awesome Cathay'n army. And I love wip shots :) Cheers

  2. This Gamewire thing is pretty cool - I am glad to have access to this service! BOLS does have a lot of good features going on.