Thursday, July 26, 2012

Off to Chicago for Games Day!

Just about 12 hours until I head off to Chicago for Games Day 2012. I'm looking forward to catching up with a bunch of friends, chatting about painting toy soldiers, eating some steak, drinking a few beers, and throwing down in the Armies On Parade and Golden Demon competitions.

It has been a bit of a busy month since the AOP in-store qualifiers, but I did manage to get this guy finished. After the show, I'll go back and add a little more freehand work, but he'll do for now.

Here's the travel case, packed with most of my Procession of Morr, plus a few Golden Demon entries like my Thundertusk (on a new base).

And here's a teaser of the final unit I'll be adding to the Procession.

So, if you are going to be at Chicago Games Day, please stop by the Armies on Parade area and spend a bit of time checking out all the entries, giving the respect deserved to each army, then cast your vote for the army you think is best. Failing that, of course, you can just vote for mine ; )

I'm off on vacation immediately after Games Day, so I'll be relaxing by the pool or on the beach, and having fun teaching my daughter to swim : )


Keep an eye out for a blog post on Saturday about my celebratory Blog Competition. Not only did this blog pass the milestone of 1500 followers, but it also passed 1,000,000 page views too! (if only I had a dollar for each one of those!!!).

The competition will be a big one, with a relatively random chance for anyone to win the prize!



  1. Amazing, as always! Do you carry the army on a plane, check it, or ship it?

  2. Love your models...Good luck with your entries! Will most definitely stop by and vote for your army. See you soon!

  3. Good luck and good trip! don't forget to take some pictures of stuff that inspires or surprises you. I'd like to know how you look at other miniatures.


  4. Fabulous as always and best of luck on the day. Fantastic news about the milestones as well, a wonderful achievement.

  5. Best of luck in Chicago Dave, with AOP and Golden Daemon!

  6. wish i could be there wth you again this year dave! Best of luck

  7. Good luck Dave - great work sir!

  8. 'Look like puppets, I hope that last picture is like giant Mardi-Gras puppets!

    Amazing stuff!

  9. Good luck for GD mate! An army full of lovely little touches and conversions. Looking forward to some pics of your other entries after the event.

    Also, congrats on a significant blog milestone and enjoy the holiday!



  10. All the best of luck Dave, looks great, unique theme, well executed.

    The last pic reminds me of scenes from Baron Münchhausen and Time Bandits...