Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bruno Grelier

It's never a good time when we lose one of our own.

The miniature painting community lost Bruno Grelier (pictured above) just over a week ago. I never had the pleasure of meeting Bruno (in person or online), but I can certainly say I've admired many of his works over the last decade or so. In addition, a number of my "blogosphere friends" were good friends with Bruno, and are feeling the loss particularly keenly.

I send my condolences to all that knew and loved Bruno and his work.

Bruno was one of the masters who kept the spirit of the Orks (particularly Feral Orks) alive during the "dark days", when Ork players were desperate for a new codex and a new one was years away.

For images of Bruno's work, check out these links:



  1. A sad feeling has invaded me on having read your words, since I go years following the frenchwaaagh, and I share your pain as I shared incalculable hours, enjoying all his work, which always I will admire. Good trip … I follow your blog since a few time, and I believe that it is a good place, where I have found a very good works. A great greeting.

  2. Sad tidings Dave. Thanks for spreading the news.

  3. Bruno was a close friend. He was not only a excellent painter, he was the kind of man that everybody would like to meet once in his life.
    My eyes are still red and wet...
    As a old member of the frenchwaaagh, I would like to thanks you for your kind words...

  4. Balls. I remember his stuff. Always had a load of character.

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