Friday, July 13, 2012

I haven't been idle

I'm planning on adding a few more models to my Armies on Parade entry, just to give it some extra oomph for those folks who take a close look. On of those models will be a Wizard Lord mounted on a warhorse. Mounted wizards often look a bit awkward, as if they should be behind a desk rather than perched precariously above an equine steed.

For the last four or so years I've been in love with the Venerable Thaumaturge model from Gamezone Miniatures. He looks like he's at home... because he's behind a desk. So, I decided to make a "Citadel only" version of the model.

There are parts from an old Bretonnian Questing knight, Empire Wizard sprue, and a few bits and pieces from the Flagellat sprues. Plus plasticard and greenstuff, of course.

And here's the start of the Iconoclave diorama I've been thinking about since Adepticon last year.

I'm going to be busy!



  1. That wizard is going to look fantastic, I can't wait to see it painted as I'm sure it will bring it together so well (can sometimes be difficult to get a feeling for a model as a whole when there are lots of different coloured bits from converting).

    I'm also really interested to see what the Iconoclave diorama will look like, the pic you've posted is very tantalising.

  2. dave, i actually think that wizard is the best model in this army so will be a beast to paint

  3. I saw that first photo and I couldn't work out what the hell it was ... it just looked like random stuff glued to a horse randomly, painted badly.

    Then I read the post and saw the other photos and it made sense! I really like the idea! It really fits in to the over to the top (I want to say "baroque", but I know that's not right) feeling that GW is bringing to the Empire recently.

    Can't wait to see this mini finished!


  4. That's coming together nicely! Looking forward to seeing it painted up - keep up the great work, inspiring stuff!

  5. Yeah!! A very good (and unique) version!!
    As usual... wonderful

  6. Now all he needs is Little Billy Landknecht to help him with the horse...!

  7. Looks like the last post on here was a while ago, but I was just wondering if there are some pics of the finished product? Awesome conversion.