Thursday, November 3, 2011

Introducing "The Guns Of April"

Here's a little introduction to a new blog you should check out/keep an eye on, The Guns Of April.

Well, after a couple of years of hard work (or hardly working) on some Napoleonic models intended for an outing at AdeptiCon, we've finally got our act together. Joe Krone, Brien Dulaney, and I started collecting our Napoleonic figures around November 2009, we discussed plans both small and grand, futzed about with ideas, and applied paint to miniature soldiers, but things never really went too much further despite my collection now exceeding 300 figures (painted).

Enter Dave Pauwels and Jamie Welling, friends of ours from Chicago, and their desire to see a big historical game at AdeptiCon. After some chatting, planning, and a little bit of scheming, The Guns Of April hobby group was born.

For AdeptiCon 2012 (its 10th anniversary by the way) we've decided to present a "what if?" scenario based on the historical Battle of Salamanca, 1812 (also a significant anniversary year, its 200th). For tales of the developing armies and terrain for this game, you can head to our blog, The Guns Of April.

Here's a shot of my latest completed unit, the 5th Caçadores. I actually finished painting them earlier in the year, but was out of Apoxie Sculpt for their bases until recently. I figured it'd be the right time to record my basing scheme for my "Napoleonic British in the Peninsula" army. You can find that on the blog too, although I'll show you the fun pic below : )

Well, head on over to the blog and start leaving comments. Hopefully that'll inspire us all to keep painting ; )


PS. If this goes well, we might do something cool every year!


  1. Hi Dave,
    were you looking to get this project on the Adepticon event/demo schedule? Or at least reserve table space? If so, email me at richard1nelson at and we can get you set up.

  2. Best of luck Dave, to you and the others involved! Very much looking forward to seeing your collective progress over the next few months, as Napoleonics are a favourite period of mine (albeit only in 15mm at the moment...)


  3. I applaud any injections of Historical nerdiness at Acon.