Saturday, December 18, 2010

Looking for some Pre-Heresy Goodness?

You may have seen these pictures before on my blog, like earlier this year. So, why are you seeing them again?

Well, my crazy friend Alex (who commissioned the conversion of the entire army) has decided that he'll never get the chance to get it all painted in the next few years. He has just started a new business (Battleroad Games & Hobbies), so perhaps this isn't as crazy as it first looks.

You can see Alex's pics of the complete army (including a gorgeous Dreadnought conversion by Matt Cexwish) at his eBay auction HERE!

It'll certainly be a great chance to get an entirely converted Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children army (95% of it built and converted by me and shown on this blog) for a great price.

What are you waiting for? Get on over to the auction and make this sweet looking force yours!



  1. Is there a guide on how to make the pre heresy Rhinos?

  2. He is getting rid of them?! Madness!!

  3. Unfortunately medical bills are forcing his hand : (

  4. That army looks fantastic. I wish I was able to buy it.

    Medical bills make me sad. :(

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