Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Cameron Highlanders and Royal Americans

It's been a weird couple of months. After painting only four units of my Napoleonic army in 12 months, I've almost finished painting the second of two units in as many months, and have four more on the go. Then I'll need to assemble and paint three more units. Before I know it, I'll have a pretty sizeable collection.

Anyway, last time I showed off my Brits I said I was going to get started on the 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders). Well, here are the first four Victrix models in all their finery. I had to simplify the tartan slightly, but it certainly still gives the right impression. Next time around I'll show you my step-by-step for painting it.

While I was painting up the Highlanders, I was inspired to put together some more of my Rifle regiment. Above you can see two of the men of the 60th Regiment of Foot (Royal American Rifles), so called because they were first raised in America prior to the Revolution. These two are Perry Miniatures plastics. You get four of them in each box of Perry British. There are two bodies (torso and legs are attached), two sets of arms, and two head options. So, if you're doing a whole regiment of them they start to get a bit samey very quickly.

In the picture above you can see one of the stock Perry Rifles (center). I spent a little bit of time slicing up a bunch of these guys, cutting away the torso from the legs so that I could stick the torso onto legs cut from the standard line infantry, giving me a few more stances. An example of this is on the left. As well as mixing up legs and torsos, I decided to trim the Brown Bess muskets down to Baker rifle size, allowing me to do a few other poses. Using this trick I also added some converted rifles to a few Victrix line infantry (on the right) to get some kneeling poses.

Cutting the bodies in half meant there was a little line around the waist and a sizeable mis-match between the linen bags. Greenstuff to the rescue. I also used greenstuff to fix the cuffs on the musket arms to match those on the original rifle arms. Below are some examples of the conversions I did for the unit.

And here's a shot of the whole unit at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to add the officer and bugler too.


  1. Dave it warms my heart it does, to see you going this gaga over historicals. To see you transfer your talents from the sci-fi genre to this is quite inspirational even. Seldom do historical gamers go to that end to build an army like this. When will your first battle with these chaps of wellington be?

  2. Nice to see you joining in on the historical periods.They look very nice btw!


  3. Lovely work as always. Your conversions have inspired me to get on with the 95th rifles conversions I had planned. Going to try and fit a plastic - shaved - 25mm Boromir head on a 95th rifle body for dear Richard.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Dave, this just helps to get me motivated to paint the Perry/Victrix I have. There is a group of us looking at Lasalle in 28mm. What frontage are you using for you models (two inches)? Are those the Gale Force 9 bases that come in pint or quart containers? What glue are you using to attach them?

    Can't wait for the step-by-step on the tartan,


  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for the comments : )

    @Alex - not sure on when the first game will be, hopefully February.

    @Christopher - thanks mate. I love your blog too. That splinter camo must have taken a little while to do.

    @PirateViking - good idea ; )

    @evilsam - Yep, our group is using 50x50mm bases for infantry and cavalry and 50x100mm bases for artillery. Command bases are up to the player, but I'm going for our "standard" sizes and shapes so they fit in my Battlefoam trays. They are from GF9. I think you could also order them from the GF9 website (or send the guys an email) if you can't wait till the next show - although I expect costs might be a bit higher. And super glue (actually the GF9 stuff) glues both plastic and metal models very firmly to those bases.


  6. Hey Dave!

    First time poster, long time lurker...

    LOVE seeing your historicals! The conversions on the 60th are just fantastic... so varied, and very inspiring to be honest! I did a few conversions myself out of the Perry plastic greenjackets, but nothing quite like that!

    If you ever want to take a look, here are mine...


    Anyway, great stuff, love your blog!

    Lord Ashram

  7. I enjoyed reading the report on these conversions. The new poses and sculpts look fantastic.

    Very well done.


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