Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Guards Division nears completion!

I mentioned a post or three back that I'd spent most of my hobby time during November painting another 36 models for my Napoleonic British army. The shot above shows the army as it stands right now. 124 Infantry models, three artillery bases, a Commander, and a Sub-commander. The two 24-man units are the 1st and 2nd KGL Battalions, made from the Victrix plastics. The two 36-man units are the 2nd Foot Guards (aka the Coldstream Guards) and the 3rd Foot Guards, made from the Perry plastics. The four models at the front of the army are a company from the 60th Regiment of Foot (aka The Royal Americans), also from the Perrys. The artillery models are from Front Rank.

To get this force ready for games of Lasalle I just need to paint up two more units of 24. Not much really ; )

Here's a bit of a close up on a few bases from the new regiment (3rd Foot Guards).

And here's a shot of my newest unit to get a start, the 79th (Cameron) Highlanders. It'll be interesting to work on their tartan, which is quite complicated.

Finally, here's a shot of my first Battlefoam Napoleonic tray completely full. So much so, that my Commander won't fit in it. Fortunately I planned ahead and ordered three, which will hopefully see me through all the other units I have planned for this army.



  1. Dave I wish you lived up this way because I utterly love historicals. Especially Napoleonics. But alas you reside in the baltimore area:(. The models look great though, and I dar ask are you going to try and take on the 42 Highlanders(black watch). Also are you going to knock out a corpse of these with several divisions or just stick with the one?

  2. That's a great looking army you've got on your hands, nice work!

  3. Any chance of a quick run down of Lasalle at some point? Indications about how it works? Still looking for that "ideal" rules set for napoleonics. Liking Warlord's Blackpowder but that is quite whimsical to say the least!

  4. Bah Humbug to you sir! One day I will start working on mine again. Hopefully after the Holidays. Beautiful work Dave.

  5. Hey, thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated.

    @Alex - I'm not sure at the moment if I'll do the Black Watch. I'll have to see how tough a regiment of kilts is ; ) I do plan to paint more models though. After the 48 models for the final two units, I hope to paint up 24 Heavy Dragoons, then an RHA battery, (for a Dragoon Support Brigade) then a big unit of the 60th and a couple of Cacadore units. That will allow me to sub a few things out to run a Light Infantry division too.

    @Gyro - thanks Mik : )

    @The Pirate Viking - I'd love to but I haven't played a game yet. From my discussions with others I've drawn the following conclusions:
    Black Powder is great for the gamer who has played a bit of the Napoleonic period before, has a good sized collection, and wants a nice big game played quickly in an evening.
    Lasalle is a good competitive game, as it is designed with balanced (yet quite set) lists and quick play in mind. As someone who knew nothing about the period when he started, I felt comforted by the lists and was able to start building an army while beginning my research.

    @Brien - You better get moving mate, I've got some Cacadores on the way from Victrix : )

  6. Looks really good Dave. I'm looking forward to putting the paint to some Victrix and Perry Naps later this winter if everything works out.

    How are you doing your flags, paper Victrix with a metal foil or something inbetween the layers of paper?


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