Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's that over there?

It's the 8th Edition Army Challenge blog! And it has a brand new post from me with not only a slightly revised list, but some pics of a whole host of wizards, plus a couple of this guy...

...and a bit of descriptive text about these guys.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over, check out the blog, and encourage the other guys to get some photos of their models up online!


PS. Don't forget tp check out the auctions I have going at the moment. For details, check here.


  1. Looking Great Dave! Sent you a big ol' box of Temple Bases today for your Army!

  2. Hi Dave, i'm an old french fan of all your great work on minis and hobby ! ^^

    I'm the owner of and i've just began the same challenge with to other fellow and very cool bloggers.

    I've also started collecting and working on a hudge 3000 points Skaven Army for the 8th edition of Warhammer Battle.

    Take a look @ my dedicated page and tell me what you're thinking of my first work :

    Is it possible to post on your blig for the challenge even if i'm french with a bad use of english ? ^^

  3. Very nice looking Skaven, I wish I could read French.

  4. Gotta love an army that includes Golden Demon entries as a unit filler! Really inspirational stuff, makes me want to dig out my Empire again but I will be strong! The High Elves need painting damnit!

  5. @ Dragonforge :
    Thanks a lot !
    Google Translate is your friend ^^
    But i use a pretty flowery language that google can't translate for some words :D

  6. Thanks guys!

    @Venerable Zaius - Very nice looking Skaven indeed! I'm always particularly impressed with great paintjobs over white primer.

    @The Pirate Viking - Stay on target!


  7. "The Pirate Viking said...
    Gotta love an army that includes Golden Demon entries as a unit filler!"

    Lol ! Yes, it certainly makes me kind of jealous !

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