Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Lucky 7th!

So, after seeing the horrific creations of the vile Nazi, Doctor Hugo von X, it is now time to see the roughnecks that get to sweep the corridors of the The Rock with cleansing fire. Let's take a look at the men of 1st Platoon Company B, 17th APE Regiment.

Above you can see the six models that come in the Allied Starter set for Incursion. In their Armored Personal Exoskeleton (APE) suits, these warriors are anything but monkeys. I'll describe how I painted them up below, but I must point out that I've based them all (like the Nazis) on Tech Deck bases from Dragon Forge Design.

From Left to Right: The APE HMG - toting a water-cooled, belt-fed .50 cal heavy machine gun, an APE Grunt - armed with a .30 cal machine gun and a pair of power shears, and the APE Sergeant - who favors a fire axe for close combat and a .30 cal with underslung grenade launcher for range.

From Left to Right: Another APE Grunt - this time with a powered fist for crushing skulls and doors, Captain "Slugger" Murphy - with his trusted .50 cal revolver (Bambi) and baseball bat (Thumper), and the APE Blazer - with powered fist and flamethrower.

Above and below you can get a closer look at the Captain and the HMG APE. I really liked the scheme on the Incursion site, but I decided to go for a slightly darker look on the armor, something a bit closer to US WW2 tank armor.

These APEs were based with Vallejo's Olive Drab, and highlighted with Brown Violet. For the deep recesses and dark parts of the armor chips I used Vallejo Charred Brown, and I highlighed the edges of the armor plates (and chips) by mixing in some Vallejo Green Grey to the Brown Violet. The armor plates were then given a light wash of Devlan Mud (particularly on the lower parts of the plate) to add "a bit of grime".

For the boots and straps I base coated them with Charred Brown, and then built up the highlights by adding Vallejo Red Leather. The pouches around the models were basecoated with Red Leather, then highlighted by adding GW's Bubonic Brown. Both the boots and the pouches were given a thinned wash of Ogryn Flesh.

The tanks on the backs of the models (presumably fuel tanks for the Exo-suits) were basecoated like the pouches, but built up by adding Vallejo German Camo Orange Ochre, followed by a thinned was of Devlan Mud.

Perhaps the toughest part of painting these "lucky" warriors was putting their divisional symbol on the front right shoulder of their suits. A little bit of patience and building up in layers was the key.

If you thought that was it for the Incursion set posts, you were wrong. Next up is a look at the various resin accessories that have been made by Fenris Games, and are included in the final auction.



  1. Look pretty good! I love the models for the regular APEs; want to pick up some of those someday...

  2. Very nice. I alway wanted to convert APEs to Ogryns for my imperial guard ;)

  3. The rank and division markings are very impressive!

  4. dave, how do these guys match up in size against a normal IG trooper or veteran squad guy. Can they be used in 40K

  5. Thanks guys.

    @ Mike - the APEs are on 40mm round lipped bases (like those used for Warmachine) so I think they'd work pretty well as Ogryns (as suggested by Tabletop Fix). I think they'd be too big for Vets or Storm Troopers though. The heads are all separate so you could use the Pig Iron heads to match your Bishkek Forces.