Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Artillery Train goodness!

Before I get into the meat of this post, I just need to say thank you to Nicolai from Denmark who bought the Space Hulk boxed set, and Jim Bailey from Grindhouse Games for buying up my Incursion set of models. It is very exciting to deal with people who are not only incredibly passionate about what they do, but are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Jim, and his brother John, are just those guys. The way they approach everything exudes quality. Thanks guys!

And on to the post. I'll say up front that there are more pictures over on our 8th Edition Challenge blog, as well as a bunch more explanation. It's getting late, so this one will be a little light on text. For more depth, head on over and check out the new blog, there's even a post from Jim Bailey about the Wood Elf army he's building!

Here are two of the wizards I painted up this week. Only five more wizards to go ; )

Ultimately inspired by the Grundel's Defenders artwork by Dave Gallagher, this army will include quite a few diorama-style bases. Here's one for my Greatswords unit, The Red Bears of Mecklenburg.

The artillery bases are nice and big (100x100mm) so that I can make them all little dioramas. In this one, a member of the court of Nuln is taking an interest in the latest acquisition, a Helstorm Rocket Battery.

And finally, here's something I'll be photographing as I make progress on this army. It is a board containing all the Dragon Forge Temple bases I'm using for this army, all laid out just waiting for the models to populate them. It should be interesting to see the army grow.



  1. Awesome stuff as always, Dave. Can't wait to see how The Red Bears of Mecklenburg turn out. Really like how you're going to lay out the entire army, too.

  2. Will you be making a display tray for them? I use temple bases for my demonic army and would love to know/see how you go about making one.

  3. Really impressed with that Bright Wizard. I don't see that model much any more.

  4. I like what you are doing with the 'display' bases.


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