Friday, September 24, 2010

Time for a little "housekeeping".

So, I think it's about time to chat about a couple of things that aren't directly related to pictures of cool toy soldiers (but still very much related to this blog). Things I'd like to cover in this post are:
1. Hits to your Hobby Mojo
2. Behavior on the blogs of others
3. What's up with the Legio Custodes?

And you can expect this to be a sort of a "stream of consciousness" kind of post too.

Hits to your Hobby Mojo

So, this blog has been a lot of fun (and a bit of work) to put together over the last 20 months or so. As I'm sure many hobby bloggers can attest, it's a great way to get some feedback on your work, but at the same time it can cut into the precious hobby time that you have, or the feeling that regular updates are important (which they are) can push your "hobby mojo" around like it was the scrawny kid in the school playground. Recently I took steps to revive my "hobby mojo" by no longer taking converting/painting commissions, freeing up valuable time to get back into my own projects. The ideas were starting to flow again, much like the spice from Arakis. Then I got a one-two punch that has rocked me a bit.

First, GW decides to close down the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker and axe all the staff. Now, to be fair, they have been saying it was closing down since February (when they announced the HQ move to Memphis) but it was always presented as a "We'll be moving the Bunker" kind of deal.
Just prior to Games Day, the powers that be let the staff (a great team of guys) know that they hadn't been happy with the handful of sites they'd looked at, so they'd simply be closing the store and jettisoning the staff. There are so many things they'd I'd like to say here that would not be good for me to say, so I'll hold fire. Suffice to say this action has disrupted my "hobby mojo".

Second, I got a pleasantly worded email recently that caused me to think a bit more about my hobby, and what parts of it were important to me, and why. The results of reading that email are evident in a few new disclaimers on my blog and a further disruption to my "hobby mojo".

I have some more projects to show you (some of my final commission pieces to show you), but for a little while you'll be seeing some work on other projects involving other miniatures from other manufacturers. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Behavior on the blogs of others

Just recently I had a reader disagree with me on one of my projects. I think he found it frustrating that it seemed I was willing to let little things slide on some of my work, things he felt it would be easy for me to change. He expressed as much, and we discussed the items.

In my mind, this is perfectly acceptable behavior on a hobby blog that accepts comments from readers. You don't always have to agree, but if you disagree you need to remember two things: be constructive in your criticism (provide an alternative idea or be clear on your concern), and be respectful of their decisions (not every criticism you make will be acted on). These things may seem sensible enough, but sometimes we can lose sight of them in our passion for our hobby. Sometimes we can slip and appear less than respectful.

BUT that does not mean you can abandon civility to ATTACK those that appear to have slipped, particularly on someone else's blog.

I take onboard all constructive criticism. I won't act on it all, but I do try to understand where it is coming from. If someone disagrees with me, that's fine. All I ask is that there's no fighting or name-calling in your comments on this blog. I don't like the idea of censoring people, but I will.

Of course, how you behave on your own blog is completely up to you ; )

What's up with the Legio Custodes?

Well, after those two "downer" topics, I thought I might try to lighten the mood for those still reading his far.

The Legio Custodes army will be going up on eBay next week (Sunday October 3) for a week. I still have a few details to finalize, but I will be posting them all here and asking those of you who are so inclined to spread the word. The more sets of eyes we can get on it will hopefully mean that word reaches someone with deep pockets (and the long arms to reach into them).

If you are unsure of what I am talking about, you can see the army here, and read about the cause here.

Thanks for reading, hopefully more pictures in the next post ; )



  1. Thanks for the blog Dave, it is a pleasure to read and oogle your models. Hope that you get some mojo back! And new companies are always good for you. May I suggest Warmachine? :)

  2. Miss the Bunker already Dave! =( One of these days it will rise again.....Team Dave is Legion! Alpha that is! ;)

  3. I bought a few Reaper minis a little while back. I'm used to GW casting and cleaning mould lines, lopping off all the little metal extras. The Reaper ones came in 99% clean. Oh, and they were half the price of GW too. I definitely plan on getting a larger amount of my stuff from the varied vendors out there.

  4. Dave,

    I really hope you get your hobby mojo back. You're one of the best 40k modellers out there and the hobby would be missing something special if you called it quits. Your blog is great. Great enough that you can go a week or two or three without an update and people will still rush for your latest update. Whenever I see something posted, I am there in a flash.

    As far as commetators go, you might want to set up comment moderation on your blog. I've done so after some thought and although I've never had to shut down an aggressive or unconstructive comment, it's there in case I do. You'll notice too that commentators give their comments under the guise of "constructive crit" while it's a poorly-worded, rude and unrefined comment. Not what I consider constructive criticism. Keep that in perspective.

    Whenever you put yourself out there on the web, there are going to be come people who show up to spoil your day. It's something you've got to have a thick skin about. Just don't let the bastards drag you down.

    Dave, your work is great, well above par and will go down in 40k history. Ontop of that, I've met you briefly once and you seem like a great guy. I've heard others say so too. I hope all is well for you and continues to go well and good luck on your auction. A worthy cause indeed. I'll look for it on Ebay and post it on my blog too.



  5. Is the bunker already gone? That kinda blows. I am going to be in the Maryland area at Thanksgiving and I was going to swing by. Guess I wont be now.

    As for the rest, glad to hear you getting back to your personal work. I can't wait to see what you have going on inside your head.

    Oh, and thanks again for the great hobby seminar at War Games Con.

  6. Dave,

    I love your blog, it is inspiring to other painters like myself who would love to reach your level someday, so as others said this is am important blog to the community and I hope you keep it going!

  7. Dave, sounds like its time for someone to step up and offer an independent gaming store with some room and tables to fill the void, perhaps even a gaming club.

    To have a great spot and then have it leave is a shame.

    We rented a room at a local community hall last night and had a great turnout of nice folks that were there to play games and chat.

    As far as haters, as soon as you start getting hate mail it is a good sign that you are successful, just ask Jawaballs and the BoLS guys. The internet is full of people acting tough in the anonymity of cyberspace, after meeting you in person I can't imagine anyone arguing with you about anything. You are a great guy and your models and love for the hobby are inspirational, if anyone would like to argue otherwise I will be happy to have a hands on debate of the topic at Games Day Chicago, Ogre style.

    Looking forward to seeing some wore great stuff from you.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  8. Hey Dave, sorry to hear things aren't so hot atm. I know the feeling(as you well know) but I will say something that always helped me through(and it is corny) is a saying "it's always darkest before the dawn, but come daylight the sun will shine ever brighter". Anyways I know the feeling on the arguement, as I have had to sensor on my blog and it sucks because in the end that is about the same as somone comming into your own home and kicking your dog. Look forward to many more things from you and talk to you soon about some fun progects I think you may like that I am doing. I would love the added input:).
    Battleroad Games and Hobbies.

  9. Dave,

    We met briefly many years ago at Adepticon. I'd just like to say that then and now you are an inspiration to me. Times have changed and I don't have as much time to get my hobby on anymore, but viewing and reading the stuff that you put up here continues to keep me from abandoning the genre altogether. Thanks for what you do and good luck getting your mojo back.

  10. Wow. Being a former honch of that place, that really bums me out to hear about the Bunker getting closed and cleaned out. Best wishes and luck to that staff. I have a lot of great memories of event, customers, and shenanigans that graced that place (both the old and the newer location)....

  11. Dave, You know I love you and your work... You hobby is literally the stuff of legends mate! As the Toasters said "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down."

    I eagerly look forward to any project you put up.

    I too have had a few trouble posters on my blog (one today in fact). My first thought is to flush em but that is not always the best option. The internet does lend itself to peeps saying rude things that they don;t have to back up. It is just a shame that that happens here with so much awesome stuff.

    Big ups and much love mate!


  12. I may not have been a part of the blogging community for very long but I was directed to your blog through my friends and its still just as fantastic as the first time I saw it.

    Your models and painting have and still inspire people to this day, please don't let the haters put you off.

    I for one would like to see some more personal stuff from you as well.

    All the best fella.

  13. I can't believe they closed your Bunker. I'm not sure what GW is up to. I'm 100% sure that if our local Bunker closed down I would stop playing GW games (though Blood Bowl and Necromunda and the like would still have my heart).

    Instead I'd play:

    - Malifaux
    - Warmachine/Hordes
    - Flames of War
    - Warhammer Historical (GW rules, Perry minis :P)

    Or maybe ... and I hate to say this ... nothing :(

    Let's all remember when we speak of "THE hobby" it's more than just GW out there

  14. Dave, I hope you get your mojo back as well. I'm a terrible painter/modeller; but I'm always inspired to try when I see what you put out.

    As far as the blow of losing a store; I'm feeling that sting right now as the second store in less than a year that I've gone to is calling it quits soon. Leaving the Seattle area with a huge void. Not sure what to do to keep the gang together and get together at our usual times for games. Really dark (grimdark?).

    Anyway, just know that there are a lot of silent readers of your blog (like myself) that get a LOT out of the content you put up here. Your blog is probably the most positive and edifying hobbying blog out there and having the loud mouths drown you out would be a shame.

    Anyway, keep up the great work however you can, you are appreciated.

  15. Dave,

    You are an inspiration! I burn incense in my small plasti-card altar each day to give thanks. ;)

    All you do here is deeply appreciated. Please never forget that.

    Shawn G.

  16. Hi Dave.
    Used to work at Glen Burnie HQ too. Left GW when the factory moved to Memphis. I have NO bad taste in my mouth from my time there... nothing but fond memories really. I was out of miniatures and wargaming altogether after that for some time, but have jumped back in owing to my son's interest. He was just a tiny punk running around the Glen Burnie warehouse in those days. Glad to see you are stil so active. Cheers.