Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Charity Goodness to come!

So, after having a completely great time working with a team of wonderful bloggers on the Storm Wardens Project, I sat back and thought about some good that my toy soldiers could do closer to home.

Recently two friends (and co-workers) suffered some very tragic occurrences in their lives.

One friend was body surfing and was dumped by a wave. He hit the bottom and broke his neck. Not only was he fortunate enough to not drown, but he was also not permanently paralyzed. He did, however, have to take a chopper ride to shock trauma where he underwent three emergency surgeries to save his life and future mobility. He is currently undergoing the early stages of his long rehabilitation process (and painting some Wood Elves as a dexterity building exercise). The real tragedy here is that he was "in-between" employer-supported insurance programs, and has some pretty big bills to pay.

My other friend was fortunate enough to be with his wife when she gave birth to their first child. Less than a week later, his wife passed away from a pregnancy-related complication that really could never have been spotted. It took the coroner two weeks to determine the cause. That's how obscure and hidden it was. My friend is now back at work and raising his son. As any of us with spouses and kids know, that is really tough - emotionally, physically, and financially.

A bunch of us from the Battlefront office will be engaging in a series of events and activities over the coming year, all based around raising money to help these two guys. Keep an eye out for other things I'll be plugging. Hopefully soon we'll have a schedule of stuff to present to you.

So, where does the Legio Custodes army come in to it? Well, I figured that the least I could do is sell off a couple of armies that I don't really play with anymore. If I was going to do that, I really should sell off a couple of armies that have a pretty high profile in the gaming world.

To that end I'll be selling off:
• my Legio Custodes army (some pics shown here, full coverage in an old US WD)
• my Hive Fleet Kraken Tyranid army (pics of which can be found on pages 216-217 of the Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook)

Over the next month I'll be taking plenty of photos of the armies, plugging their sale, and most likely selling them on eBay.

All proceeds will go to these two guys.

Please let your friends know.

More news to come.



  1. It's Us White Dwarf 300, I was literally just looking at that issue yesterday.

    You're a good man helping out some friends in this way, good luck with all the fund raising I hope it goes really well.


  2. Your a solid man dave, cheers to the idea, and believe me if I had the money right now I would throw down several thousand for those custodes.. damn unemployment. Hope you raise some solid cash.

  3. I applaud the action you're taking to help your friends. Why don't you give them away Storm Wardens style? One of the nice things about that project was that so many people were able to contribute; and in the end raised more money than any one person could have spent on the army through eBay.
    Also, it might be nice for your friends to know how many people were thinking of them and wanted to help out. I know I'd donate.

  4. It's really awesome you're helping your friends through some tragic events. I wish them all the best.

    I'd have to agree with SAJ, I'd be willing to donate what I can, but there's no way I would have the cash to bid for either army on eBay. I think he may also be right that more moeny could be raised this way. Whatever you decide you're a true friend to help them out by parting with some truly amazing and inspiring armies.

  5. Dave, you're such a great person!

  6. Wow, after reading that about your buddies,
    Are you selling either outright? Just curious, not making am offer yet.
    I am really impressed by your humanity, a credit to you, sir!

  7. Hi guys

    Thanks very much for your comments, but I'm just doing what I can. I have loads of toy soldiers, and if they can be used for good rather than wasting away...

    @Hashshashin - thanks mate, much appreciated.

    @ SAJ and Cadaver - the "Storm Wardens format" has been discussed amongst the group and we're pulling together a plan at the moment. Stay tuned for more information on that. I just wanted to get a head start with a different format too.

    @Black Matt - yep, selling them both in their entirety (I'd hate to break them up into individual components).

    I've been inspired to do this by the Storm Wardens Build team, and by the many people who contributed to that cause. I'll never stop painting toy soldiers, so it makes sense I continue to help out where I can with the toy soldiers I love.


  8. "Life is what we make of it. It separates one man to the other and elevates us to new personal heights. In life when one does such its righteous. When many act together it’s extraordinary. Having that choice defines our species” I would love to see more pics on the Custodes (plz send to I am telling u now i will take them for 1k$+shipping and more after seeing how many models are available. I offer mine and my family's prayers to them and their's. Sincerly, cobra

  9. Dave, you're one of the best modellers and painters out there, a legend for everyone involved in the hobby. Someone once said with great power comes great responsibility, and even in such an obscure format as miniature wargaming you're managing to live up to that mantra through these charitable projects. Great work man, I salute you.

  10. Would that I had the money, I'd buy that Custodes army in a heartbeat. It's a well-known army, though, and I'm sure there's someone with money out there that's been eyeing it for years; Hopefully it will fetch enough money to put a dent in some deserving peoples' bills.

    Take care.

  11. "Charity Goodness" is apt indeed, mate. Good luck, eh?

  12. Superb gesture mate, you really do give the hobby a good name.
    now to keep an eye on your news so i can let my readers know and provide them links to your info - thats if you dont mind me cross referencing?

  13. As always Dave, your custodes are truly stunning, and what you're doing is extremely admirable, you're an inspiration as both a hobbyist and a person, and good luck to you and your friends.

  14. damn Dave, that is such a sad story to read. But you know what? Being able to do good with your hobby gives the whole thing a lot of relevance. Your friends will be grateful and I am proud of you doing this. I won't have the money to buy one of those armies but I hope some very rich people do, we will be happy to plug this on when you have it up on ebay.
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  15. I'm so sorry for your two friends, but glad they have support from yourself.

    I agree with SAJ, the Storm Wardens format was super successful, I know I donated on 3 occasions. eBay, makes it a bit more difficult.

    Regardless, best of luck to you on the project and to your dear friends.

  16. Dave:

    I sent you an email a while back. Let me know when those custodes go up, I would be very interested in getting my paws on them and helping out on such a worthy cause.

    I lost a brother to cancer on January 11, 2010. He was 30 years old. Haven't been able to get over it. My heart goes out to your friends.


  17. Your Custodes is one of my all time favourite armies. You may have a fight on your hands John.

  18. It is a noble cause, Dave. It is my first time stumbling upon your blog, but I have seen your work all over the place without even realizing it. I wish I could help you out monetary, but the only thing I can do is promote your quest on my small blog.
    Good luck and I hope that your friends cope with their misfortunes. Hopefully whatever money you make will help them to continue with their daily lives.. ;_;
    I wish more people were like you.

  19. hey Dave,
    I am sorry to hear about your friends circumstances. May God grant them health and healing. Ameen!

    Now couple questions:
    a. what parts is your chaplain reclusiarch made out of?

    b. is there a fund you have set up we can send money to rather then doing auction?