Monday, September 27, 2010

200 years in the making

Let me just begin by saying "Thank You" to the folks who posted messages of support over the last few days. It is much appreciated. And just to clarify, I'm not worried about receiving comments that provide constructive criticism. Please don't attack those that do.

Anyway, back to some stuff I've been working on over the last week when I was in a bit of a funk. Way back in December and January I painted the unit above (the Coldstream Guards) and the unit below (the 1st Battalion of the King's German Legion). You can read a bit more about these back in this post here.

Since then they've kind of languished on the shelf. I started work on my second unit of KGL, but never really got too far (I think I had 12 of 24 basecoated until last week). So I figured it was time to get them finished. I also had a whole bunch of flags from Rick O'Brien at The Flag Dude that I wanted to finally see in action. So I got busy and finished off the unit below, the 2nd Battalion of the King's German Legion. These models, like their 1st Battalion counterparts, are from the Victrix Limited British Napoleonic Peninsular Flank Company box set. That box comes with 52 models, so one box provided my two 24 model units. Not bad really.

Before Adepticon I was able to get the Royal Artillery Battery finished. You can see them below with their 5.5" howitzer and two 9lb cannon. These models are from Front Rank Miniatures, who have a wide variety of Napoleonic models (and other periods).

As well as wrapping up the 2nd KGL, I decided to finish off my Commander and Sub-Commander. You can see these below. My Commander is on the left. As the group I'm working on this project with are all building armies with units present at the Battle of Salamanca, and I have the (un)enviable position of British commander, I decided my Commander model would be Wellington himself. He is seen here cheering on his troops, while an ADC stands ready with a missive, perhaps from Pakenham of the 3rd Division. These models are from Front Rank.
My Sub-Commander is an infantry Colonel (his redcoat gives him away), probably from the 2nd Regiment of Foot Guards as denoted by his deep blue facings. This Colonel model is from Victrix.

So there you have it. My British Guards Division army for the Lasalle ruleset as it stands at the moment. For standard games I need to add a minimum of one more 36-man unit (which I'm 1/3 of the way through at the moment). For scenarios where I'm attacking I need to also add two more 24-man infantry units. These will be Highlander units, just to add a bit more variety, although I may be sick of painting tartan after the first unit.


  1. That is a great looking project!

  2. Thanks for sharing, and the link for the Flag Dude is a great bookmark too.


  3. These images are inspirational - thank you for sharing them.


  4. Those are lovely. Really nice work, an inspiration for me to get on with my 95th rifles project! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dave thank you so freaking much you have no idea. I have been trying to find acompany that carried the Seven Years War flags for my Hannoverians and these guys that you posted have them.... Literally I have been looking for almost 6 months as it is hard to find specific flags. The models look solid I must say, and does this mean you and pauwels will be playing Napoleonics at adepticon this year?

  6. Dave i am always a fan of historical models and these look fantastic. So many good bits to point out like the detail on the "colours" and the uniforms of the offciers, also the different colours on the soldiers trousers to show the different materials. Great stuff.

    Are we going to see more of The Rifles? Those four are awesome. :)

  7. Beautiful models, Dave! And way to go on the decision to do stuff that is non-GW for awhile.

    My dream historical army is Landschknects. They are basically what Empire troops are based on, only perhaps MORE colorful and with PIKES!

    I also love the Pike & Shotte tactics of the English Civil war :)

  8. Hi guys

    Thanks very much.

    @Munky - yep, Rick's a great guy to talk to as well. If you get the chance, make sure you chat with him at Historicon (or Fall In or Cold Wars).

    @ThePirateViking - Although the 95th get a lot of play, I decided to go for the 60th (Royal American) for my Rifle companies. If I decide to do a Light Division for Lasalle I'll have to paint 22 more of these guys ; ) Send me a link once you've got some of your 95th done!

    @Alex - Glad I could help ; ) As for the Adepticon thing. I think it's still too far away to be certain. Dave's new baby might take a bit of his time.

    @Pulse - glad you noticed the trousers. Actually I wasn't sure how best to do them for my first unit, so I did a mix. For the KGL I went with grey (although that's their winter uniform) because I wanted them to stand out from my Guard units.

    @Reynor - I'm thinking of doing an Empire army using a lot of the Perry's War of the Roses models, they've got some great Mercenary plastics coming up : )


  9. Great article Dave! Really nice painting. I have been interested in historical and I love looking at the models. This may be a dumb question, but how do you know how many guys to put on a base? Also, how do you know how big to make the base. One of the big things that have kept me away from historicals has always been what seems to me like a lack of a universal rules set. Is that true, or just out of ignorance?

  10. Hi Dave, never posted on here but follow yor blog with interest, very nice napoleonics. Thought I would comment on the previous subject of the evil empire. Your blog has been very inspirational to me and I think GW are missing an opportunity, they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity and heres why, your blog inspired me to buy all the Horus Heresy Black library books through your inspirational modelling of the Primarchs and to build a space marine army too, I probably spent £200 - £300 in my local GW as a direct result of the free advertising you have provided them, now they are paying Lawyers to politely growl at you about their IP? they are spending money to lose trade, because without the inspiration of your blog and others like Col Corbane who is my best mate I would not even be interested in GW's hideously overpriced models. Fools.

  11. I had no clue you started working on the boys again! I have been itching to work on mine as well. Finally with tournaments and campaigns coming to a close I can start again!

  12. Dave - a truly beautiful set of figures. They are really well painted and based. Just one tiny thing - if you've got a 24 figure battalion (or regt, depending on how you want to field them) and attached unit of 8 rifle figures would be about right. Also, while there were huge variations in uniform whilst on campaign (the boys often had to make do with local Spanish cloth, which was a mustard to dark brown in colour) they otherwise had dark green trousers matching the jackets. Huge fan of Front Rank - they're nearly as good as Perry's! - and your artillery battery are superb. You are to be congratulated for 'delving' into historical Napoleonics.