Sunday, December 6, 2009

Painting Purple.

A few posts back I showed you a Pre-Heresy Lucius, Fabius, and an Emperor's Children Standard Bearer. I added a few pieces of greenstuff work and here's Lucius painted, descending stairs, his paired swords held ready to skillfully deal some death!

I tried to match a blend of the Sam Wood artwork from the Horus Heresy Artbooks, the Lucius the Eternal miniature (note the black studded gauntlets), elements of the Fulgrim I worked on, and a couple of new ideas. Most notable are the signature Emperor's Children wings on the shoulder pads of Lucius and Fabius.

I could have used the Dark Angels Commander wing that I used on Fulgrim, but I wanted something different, still stylish, but not the same as their hallowed Primarch. I glued a feather from the Empire Foot Soldiers sprue to the shoulder pad and then built up the EC wing symbol from greenstuff. Once painted, I think it adds a certain opulence.

And as it looks like the Rapid Assault Force will take the prize as my next Blood Pact Project™ (unless, of course, the Ground Assault Force can garner 170+ votes over the next six days)
I figured that sitting down to lunch with Thomas would be a great idea. Here's a shot of the initial "sketch" of a Locust vector fighter we'll be building making heavy use of the Space Marine Drop Pod wings.


  1. I love the subtle touch of the chaos backpacks with the exhausts pulled in.

    The bats and locusts captured my imagination when I was reading Double Eagle. I never could quite form a mental image of them so I'm looking forward to yours quite a bit.

  2. i absolutely love the purple you have here dave, really like what you have done for the pre-heresy versions of these characters

    genious with the drop-pod wings, hadnt thought of that...

  3. I'll be watching the Locust scratch build with great interest, as i've just started a Blood Pact force myself, inspired by your truely marvelous work

    Keep it up

  4. You did some tremendous work. I love it