Thursday, December 10, 2009

Working with the Bell of Lost Souls

Hi guys

Recently, Bigred from Bell of Lost Souls and I have been chatting about a few "guest tutorials" on the BoLS site. I've kind of decided to put together one a month to post up there, and the first one has just gone live. You can check it out here.

I've had quite a few requests to talk about how I paint the Chaos Stars on my vehicles, so this is the tutorial. It's nice and straightforward, I hope you like it. In a month or so I'll repost it here.

In the meantime, welcome to all those who are new to my blog, visiting from BoLS!

I leave you with this, the latest commission I've started work on.


  1. Nice Lord Lupercal you have going there.
    Having Built one myself might I suggest the mace from the Dark angels sprue,it is smaller and less chunky that the choas termie one.
    And the new Space Wolf Cape seems better than the lord cloak for him too.
    But then again you could just g/s the fur like I had too.

  2. I did grab the Chaos Mace, but I'll take a look at the DA mace too. I haven't decided yet exactly which way to go.

    The new Wolf Cloak is certainly going to be used. Amusingly enough though, the wolf had faces the opposite direction, so there'll still be some greenstuff work. I couldn't get away that easily ; )

  3. Why it's Horus you've got there!

    Any plans (paint recipes?) for making the internal suit glow, that is so often featured in the artwork?

  4. Dave, your stuff is superb! I run and would like to put a shout out to your blog. Could I get your permission to use a couple of sample pics in my post, linking back to you?

  5. My first visit here... Amazing blog! Thank you for this :)

  6. Thanks guys.

    @Anders - no solution just yet, but I'll post it once I do. I have a few friends to ask first.

    @Bushido - ; )

    @Taerij - Thanks for the offer, that sounds great, grab away!

    @Alexander Man - Thank you very much, I hope you make it back regularly.