Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All the best of the season!

Well, we're finally in the thick of the holiday season. I'm lucky enough to have just over a week off work and once you take out the family commitments and a trip or two to the movies, I should have five days or so to get a ton of hobby stuff done!

I have three commissions to work on, plus my British Peninsular War army (see my first unit in the pic below), plus getting started on my Rapid Assault Force (the one you all chose as my next Blood Pact Project).

So no real time to be mucking around. I will, however, try to take as many pictures as possible as I go through it all.

Anyway, have yourselves a good and safe holiday season. Look after yourself and your loved ones, and don't eat too much!

Oh, and my Christmas present to myself arrived early. I think after Adepticon in March I'll be really getting stuck into getting him painted up as one of the Reavers from Legio Invicta (from Titanicus by Dan Abnett). : )


  1. Wow Dave, those Brits look great. What system are you painting them up for? Seeing those guys so near to a mention of Dan Abnett begs the question, "Have you noticed a slight similarity between some of the works of Dan Abnett and of Bernard Cornwell?" Just curious.

    Here's wishing you and yours the best this holiday season!

  2. Gah! You bought a Reaver Titan! I've been dying to buy one, and probably will in a few weeks. It's so AWESOME. You gotta tell me how ridiculous and intimidating it is. Haha

  3. Awesome job on the Brits. Merry Christmas Titan style .... two thumbs up !

  4. OOoo... A Reaver done up like Legio Invicta... DROOL! I just finished up Titanicus and absolutely loved it.

  5. 'Tis the season to paint a Titan.

    Falalala lalalala

    Merry Xmas, congrats Dave!

  6. Hi guys

    @ Shane - thanks mate. Must admit I haven't read any Bernard Cornwell, but if they are similar, the I guess I'll have to read some now ; )

    @megamarines - the Reaver has always been quite intimidating to me. Fortunately I won this one in an eBay auction (from a guy who actually reads this blog!) and it was mostly cleaned and assembled. A big bonus in my books. Looking at it all I think it just needs to be taken slowly, with each section considered a different project.

    @ jmezz, oni, and Bloodthirster - thanks guys, more of the Reaver to come in March!


  7. Oh wow, Dave, yeah. If you're into Napoleonics, Cornwell's Sharpe series is a must. There's a LOT of it, but it's a good read. Just don't be surprised if some of the characters feel a bit familiar.

  8. I have to agree with shane on that. I have read at least 7 of the sharpes series and they are well worth the read. Never thought it possible to make such a fun read out of napoleonics era but it is. Also check out Der Alt Fritzs blog from my blog roll. He has been discussing their 1806 austerlitz game, and the models look great.

  9. Well when you paint your titan I am hoping for some step by step masterclass guides from you as I'm really eager to get one but am a bit unsure of how to tackle a model of that size and scale.