Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What project is next?

Hi guys

I know I've been slacking on the Blood Pact recently, but there's been quite a bit of commission work lately. It has certainly helped paying for daycare : )

So, in order to get them up and going again I have a poll running on the right hand side. The question is, which project should I work on next for my Blood Pact. The options are:

Artillery Battery
- FW Minotaur
- FW Colossus (Bombard)
- Quad Launcher Battery

Rapid Assault Force
- FW Hellblade (to be used as a Vendetta)
- a few stands of "Bats", small Chaos vector fighters that will be used as Vendettas (two to a stand)
- three squads of either Storm Troopers or Veterans in carapace armor.

Armored Assault Force
- Stormlord (conversion done prior to the new kit, from new Baneblade body)
- Squad of FW Renegade Ogryns
- Shadowsword or Baneblade.

Head on over to the poll and let me know what you think I should work on first.



  1. I really like the idea of using the FW choas flyers as vendettas

  2. rapid assault all the way. i use hell talons as vendettas in larger games (bought two after reading double eagle) and i'd love to see your take on carapace armour.
    also, the "batfighter", is it official or our own fluff creation?

  3. Also, want to see -

    - a few stands of "Bats", small Chaos vector fighters that will be used as Vendettas (two to a stand)


  4. That is a really good idea but lets up the ante.
    You should paint up the Chaos ace from Double Eagle.
    But I voted for the RAF,I'd like to see how you do flyers for one and two you would probally get more use out of this from a gaming stand-point

  5. @TMWH - the small vector fighters described in Sabbat Martyr are designated "Bats" by the imperial troops.

    I'll be refining some ideas with my collaborator Thomas Wynn, but we're planning on using wings made from the drop pod fins. I expect they'll end up, just a bit shorter/smaller than the hellblade.

    The idea for dropping troops is that they'll carry locators or crazy warp portals that they drop and then the troops either teleport to that spot or are disgorged from the warp, something suitably chaotic.

  6. I like the Idea of the Bats, would love to see them!! So Rapid assault force it is for me!

  7. See i have issues with this poll Dave,i am voting for the Rapid Assault Force but...

    i would love too see you do the Bats and some units of Death Brigade (guys in carapace armour) however the Hellblade doesnt appeal to me, and i would say the Bats were the same size as Valkeryies and Vendettas (certainly not much smaller) so the base with two Bats to count as a vendetta im not sure about, oh and the guy who said Krel Kas Obarkon (the bad-ass from Double Eagle) i totally agree with you, that would look sweet

    would love to see an artillery battery but a stationary one, so maybe some mortar, heavy mortar and basalisk platforms cause i think that would look really cool and im not a fan of the Bombard and Minotaur

    also the last one sounds cool except for the Renegade Ogryns, which i dont like, would much prefer your take on Loxatl

    sorry to ramble, just thought i should add my reasons to votes, hope they help

  8. Well I better get those specs over ASAP!

  9. Id love to see the Ogryns started, but the vets and/or storm troopers sound amazing too.

  10. I want to see what you do for the Vets and/or Stormies.

  11. ah, i get it. i only read a translation of double eagle and thought "bat" was a blanket term for the hellblades and locusts. :)

  12. I had to vote RAF -- mainly because I want to see a Blood Pact Vendetta take on a Hellblade

  13. Well Dave, I'd say it'd have to be the Rapid Assault Force. When people caught a "whif" of your Blood Pact infantry, they wanted to see more. So it looks like you'll be making more footsloggers! Anyways, I still want to see more pics of your old Ultramarine army I saw at the Alamo a long while back. Just send them to me when you can. Haha