Friday, March 3, 2017

INQUISITOR - Power Armor comes in ALL shapes and sizes

I had time over February to paint up another two models for the ongoing Inquisitor commission that has now entered its second year. I chose two models that differed in size and detail, but were both armored and loyal to the Imperium.

The first is Brother Hexanchus of the Deathwatch (formerly of the Carcharadons).

This is, of course, the Brother Artemis model, with a slightly tweaked scheme.

I painted on the Carcharadon symbol, and his name - which comes from the scientific name of a pre-historic shark.

And painted a shark-tooth campaign badge on his knee.

The second model was this (as yet un-named) daemon-hunting Inquisitor, hauling around a fresh kill.

I hope you like these as much as the client. He'll take delivery of these at AdeptiCon.



  1. Wow great work! I did not realize that the daemon hunter lacked an armored rear...

  2. Someone is going to have a very happy Adepticon! I've got to say my favourite mini is the assless chaps daemon hunter. Brilliant painting. The sharktooth is fantastic!

  3. Is this what you call a plus-size model? LOL

  4. How did I miss this? Superlative take on the marine, love all the little touches. Great work, man!