Thursday, February 23, 2017

THOUSAND SONS - Magnus the Red!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had also worked on a Magnus the Red... well... here he is!

My client was after something very close to the box art, and that seemed like a very cool proposition, at the start. The further and further I got into the painting I realized it was all going to take me considerably longer than I had quoted for, about 50% longer. But I'm a man of my word (and learn lessons best when they're impactful) so I did not increase that cost to my client.

Magnus was painted in a few sub-assemblies (the body, the wings, and all the armor and accessories), and then put together at the end.

The base is one of the excellent new bases from the Shattered Ritual line from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I have had the pleasure of seeing these bases develop - as my friend Chris Borer worked on them he'd show off the odd WIP photo here and there. Very cool. I'm pretty sure you can find them for purchase HERE.

Again, I handed them off the the client over the weekend, and he was very happy : )

Such a wonderful model, and brilliantly engineered by the team at GW.



  1. Just looking at the model gives me nightmares! You did a beautiful job on this. It really looks like the box art.

  2. Beautiful work Dave! Metallics on point as always!

  3. His ball's really glowing there o_O That sounded wrong.

  4. Brilliant work Dave, and great base too. Love the wings and his face. Honourable commission, next client won't be so cheap ha ha.

  5. Absolutely awesome! I'm going to be taking copious notes and referencing your version when it comes time to take a crack at mine. Loving those bases too, great combo!

  6. Good stuff Dave!
    It is a perfect example of a model painted in a color scheme which is faithful to the 'eavy metal one, but using army painting technics and still looking stunning.
    I love the base too.