Wednesday, February 22, 2017

THOUSAND SONS - A squad of Rubric Marines

I recently finished a commission for these ten Rubric Marines and the might Magnus the Red. I handed them off to the client on the weekend and he was very happy, always a good thing : )

It has been a long time since I painted some Thousand Sons, and these new models are really spectacular (and super-detailed). My advice to anyone quoting on these? Think about how long you expect them to take, then double it. ; )



  1. Sweet work Dave, did you spray Gold all over WHTV style first, or blues and then line colour all the golds?

    1. I did it in a similar order to Duncan, but I started with a dry brush of Hammered Copper, then Glorious Gold, then a gold/silver mix, followed by some thinned purple shading. Then I moved on to t blues/yellows etc.

  2. Well, the devil is in the details right? Great work :)

  3. Absolutely stunning, Dave - Love how those turned out!

  4. Very very nice! Can I ask what bases did you use?

  5. Hi! I love your work.. I have been searching for painted Shattered Ritual bases forever! Can i ask what colors you used for the stone. Thanks!

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