Wednesday, March 8, 2017

DARK AGE - The Salt Flat Nomads

Welcome back! I know I have shown some of these before, but I figured I should start this look at my Dark Age collection with where it all began - the Salt Flat Nomads.

Dark Age has seven different 'primary" factions, and these are then (typically) broken down into a number of sub-factions as well as the "unaligned' faction models. The Salt Flat Nomads are a sub-faction of the Outcasts and, as their name implies, they are a people who were outcast from civilization and are now nomads on the great salt flats the occupy much of Samaria (where Dark Age is set).

I have titled the image above "The Tribe". These are the core of the Nomads, the regular rank and file, and their focused military and spiritual leaders.

First is Bendahrin Durshe, the Bladelord. Duarte is the leader of the Durshe tribe, largest amongst the Salt Flat Nomads thanks to his aggressive policy of raiding and assimilating other tribes.

This is a Caravan Keeper, a nameless leader of one of the smaller scouting/scavenging/raiding parties the Nomads have active at all times.

The Oathpourer is the keeper of the tribe's honor, and it's water. She keeps track of all transactions, including life debts.

These are Tribal Warriors, the backbone of the... well... tribe.

The infiltrating Thornwinds use shards of fulgrite glass in their lethal blowpipes.

The image is titled "The Herd". The Salt Flat Nomads "tame" various beasts from the wilds of Samaria, android them forward into battle. At the front of the photo stands Lynette and her two Dust Jackals (sadly I don't yet have a separate shot of them).

The Herders were some the first models that drew me to the Nomads. They're certainly not great in combat, but their shock prods can keep the beasts headed toward the right fights.

The dino-avian Vrocks are incredibly cool, although they require a bit of patience to assemble and keep assembled.

The Molokai are sand crocodiles that love to ambush unsuspecting passers-by.

The other model that really grabbed my attention for the Salt Flat Nomads was the Dust Bull. He also draws the attention of my opponents.

This image is titled "The Loners"

Kane has a very interesting story behind him, which helps explain the reason he isn't lithe and clothed in flowing fabric like much of the tribe, but rather clad in thick steel plates.

The Dishonored is someone who has caused the tribe a significant loss of resources, either through ineptitude of negligence. Stripped of all their normal belongings, they become the Dishonored and must now work to repay their debt to the tribe.

The Berserker is a warrior who has strapped on armor made from the skin of the spiny rock sloth. This armor has hallucinogenic qualities, and the tribe can never be sure exactly how it will affect the wearer.

Finally, these are the Hands of War (left and right) and the original Hand of War, Moonless Night (in the center). In combat they are each a whirling dervish of flashing blades.

I hope you like these models. If you want to check out more about Dark Age, visit the site HERE.


  1. Spectacular work, man - They have a ton of character!

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  4. Beautiful, so much character. My next purchase. Happy New Year :P