Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year! and what has Dave Taylor Miniatures been up to?

Happy 2016, everyone!

It occurred to me, as I was thinking back over the last two years of what I'd call a successful start to a business, that I hadn't really given you all a rundown of what Dave Taylor Miniatures (my business) had been doing over that time to "keep the lights on" as it were.

Well, I figured it would be a good idea to give you a quick overview of what I've been able to do in my mission to help various companies bring new product to market, as well as selling more of their existing products. In alphabetical order, here's a list of the companies I've worked with and the things I've done for them:

Brigade Games - Sculpting, Painting, Photography
Broken Toad - Marketing and Promotional Planning
Cool Mini or Not - Marketing and Promotional Planning (more on this soon)
Dragon Forge Design - Sculpting, Painting, Photography
Geek Nation Tours - Writing, Painting, Photography
Grindhouse Games - Graphic Design, Painting, Photography
Infamy Miniatures - Graphic Design, Terrain building (more on this soon)
Ironheart Artisans - Photography
Mindworm Games - Marketing and Promotional Planning
Ninja Division - Hobby Content, Painting, Photography, Terrain Building
Riot Games - Graphic Design
Secret Weapon Miniatures - Sculpting, Community Management
Turbo Tape Games - Painting, Photography
Victoria Miniatures - Graphic Design, Product Consulting
Wargames Illustrated - Graphic Design, Painting, Terrain Building, Photography, Event Coverage, Writing
Warlord Games - Hobby Content, Painting, Photography
Winged Hussar Publishing - Graphic Design
World's End Publishing - Graphic Design, Photography, Promotional Consulting

I've also done a few non-miniatures related jobs, and worked on commissions for 14 other customers.

I'm really excited to see what the next two years might bring for Dave Taylor Miniatures. I'm really lucky to be able to work with so many wonderful people on such cool projects. Thank you all for your support!

Hope your outlook for 2016 is just as exciting : )



  1. Very impressive - good luck for 2016 :)

  2. Danged awesome!

    Cant wait to see what new stuff you post up in 2016 - that is so ever damned inspiring.

  3. What a year! Best of luck for 2016.

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