Monday, October 19, 2015

Solar Auxilia - Another distraction...

There were a few moments last week where I was tidying up my iPad, and tapping away at a few thoughts. While doing so, I stumbled across the "collection" army list for the Solar Auxillia, just over 3,500 points worth. Taking closer look, I realized that if I simply painted up six tanks (of varying sizes and degree of lethality) that I would complete that list.

I started with the low-hanging fruit, the Leman Russ tanks. I painted the first of these back in February of this year, and had the other two basecoated all this time.

Two evenings worth of work over the weekend and I've managed to get them painted and good to go.

Next up, the last Dracosan Transport, then to work on the Stormlord!



  1. Beautiful, as always!

  2. Tanks are always a great distraction. They look great

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