Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mechanicum - More Thallax roll off the production line.

A little while back (here) I had assembled a bunch of Thallax so that I could really expand the beefy (yet fleshless) core of my Mechanicum force - after playing a few games, Toughness 5 and 3 Wounds is certainly nothing to sneeze at!

Well, over the last week I've finished off the last eight : )

After applying the weathering powders to their bases, I plonked them in the pile with my other Thallax so I could apply a cog decal to all of their left shoulders. Once I'd done that I couldn't pick out which models I'd just finished, so I figured I'd show you the whole lot, all 21 of them (see above).

The shoulder icon is from the FW Iron Hands decal sheet. I chose this particular one as it has three nuts arranged in a pattern like the three skulls of the post-Heresy Death Guard. A nice little connection if I run them with my pre-Heresy Death Guard ; )

And finally, as with all of my Mechanicum army, they are standing on Tech Deck bases from Dragon Forge Design. Jeff is currently running a Kickstarter to expand the size of one of his most popular lines. Click HERE, or on the image on the top right of this page, to check it out!



  1. That is a lot of Mechanicum hardware! The colour scheme & the execution is excellent, great stuff.

  2. Love the heavy gold accents on 'em - great looking unit, man!

  3. They look perfect. I love the blue OSL contrasting off the orange rust. Very well done!

  4. Beautiful as always Dave. Great work!

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