Monday, August 25, 2014

One week left for the NOVA Open Charity raffles!

There is just under one week left to buy your raffle tickets for the chance to win one of five great armies as a part of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation's 2014 project. Your purchase of raffle tickets (each specific to one of the five armies) can go towards helping great charities like:
• Doctors Without Borders
• Child's Play
• The Fisher House
• The Wounded Warrior Project

As I've said before, I helped co-ordinate the two Macragge armies - the Ultramarines and the Tyranids. More than 20 artists gave their time and talents to contribute to the cause. One of these artists, Chris Dubuque (aka Jawaballs), sent me his Ultramarine veterans to finish (basically add the snow to the bases). Sadly the box these models arrived in was stolen from my front porch. I was furious and disappointed, all at the same time. But as the show must roll on, I dug into my old Ultramarines case and pulled out a Sternguard Veteran squad to take their place. I was able to rebase them on a spare set of the Omega Bases (still available from Secret Weapon Miniatures , but only until next Sunday).

Here are the four classic Tyrannic War Veterans.

Three more Veterans wielding combo-weapons and adorned with trophies of their struggle.

And the final three of the squad. The sergeant has a lightning claw fashioned from Tyranid talons, and the other two tote heavy flamers, perfect for hosing down swathes of termagants and hormagaunts.

Equally disappointed with the tragedy that was the theft of the minis, Chris has sent his life-sized, award-winning Ultramarine banner (valued at over $500) to join the Ultramarine army. This really pushes that army over the top : )

To buy your raffle tickets, head to this page and start clicking. NOTE: The armies WILL BE shipped to ANYWHERE in the world and you DO NOT have to be present at NOVA to win, so it doesn't matter where you are, you can win!

And please, spread the word.


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