Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Old Line Massacre!

It's just a few short weeks until the Old Line Massacre, a Horus Heresy event held here in Baltimore!

My friends Ty, Marc, and Dan will be running this little shindig at Dropzone Games on the weekend of May 31 - June 1. I'll be attending and as I won't have 1,850 points of Death Guard ready to rock, I'll cobble together a Mechanicum list that will hopefully put up a bit of a fight.

Check out the the details HERE. : )



  1. I love the store and all but I dislike not being able to play in a tourney because all of my armies are xenos.

    1. In that case, Hyena, I would suggest you jot down your thoughts about how Xenos armies could be incorporated into 30K gaming and come along and discuss it with the organizers, see if they might include them in future events.

      But to be fair, it's really on FW/GW who haven't done so yet.

  2. Well Eldar/Dark Eldar really have not changed from the 30 through 40k timelines. Tau were still undeveloped at that point but the codec could be used to represent one of the various xenos races that were exterminated during the crusade.

  3. Don't take it the wrong way but 30k is all about the heresy. There are plenty of tournies. I love the theme of 30k... It's awesome !