Monday, May 26, 2014

Mechanicum - Thallax Special Weapons

Continuing work for the Old Line Massacre : )

When FW first released the Thallax warriors, I quickly ordered three pack of three, unsure of exactly how special weapons would integrate into the squads. Once I'd seen the rules for them I decided to paint up six of the nine I had with lightning guns and wait to see how FW would release the weapons (as packs of weapons, as a set of three models with special weapons, etc). Of course, they chose to go for the best way to sell them for those folks who didn't already have nine sitting around : (

To that end I decided to convert weapons for my three unassembled Thallax.

Here's what I'll be using as a Photon Thruster. It is simply the bulk of a Space Marine lascutter (from the Boarding Marines set) to form the front end of the gun. Although it's not exactly the same as the one from FW, it does stand out enough for it to be targetable.

And here's my multi-melta conversion. It's the front part of a Space Marine vehicle multi-melta, with some extra putty work to clean up the joint. There's a canister underneath from a Space Marine meltabomb, and a few lengths of power cable from Dragon Forge.

Despite their converted nature, and the more than 12-month break between paintjobs, I'm pretty happy with the way they all fit together.



  1. These are incredibly cool - I really like the paint scheme.

  2. Really, really cool. They remind me of a Mechanicum version of Eldar Wraithguard. Very well done (like, when wouldn't your stuff be, eh?)
    Outstanding. :)

  3. Looking just the way they should!

  4. You make me want to buy all these models. They look so friggin cool in this scheme.

    1. Thanks Greg. I must admit I'm considering doing some in a red scheme...

  5. Love that multi-melta Dave, insanely well done as always!