Tuesday, May 13, 2014

List for the Old Line Massacre, your thoughts?

So, I started putting together a list for the Old Line Massacre at the end of the month, you know, so I knew what I had left to assemble/paint. I've put together a list that has most of my favorite models in it, and something that's a bit of a mix of what I know (big, squishy hordes) and things I don't know (fierce, tough brutes that are few and far between).

Anyway, here is the list at the moment…


Magos Prime - 300 points (and finally a chance to field the big, floaty thing I converted last year).
     • Upgraded to ArchMagos Prime and Macrotek
     • Riding in an abeyant
     • Equipped with a cortex controller, and four cyber-occularii
     • Wielding a corposant stave, photon gauntlet, meltagun,
          and a graviton imploder (because that sounds cool)


Myrmidon Secutars (3) - 195 points
     • Four volkite chargers
     • One graviton gun
     • One phased-plasma fusil


Castellax Battle Automata (3) - 270 points
     • Three flamers

Thallax Cohort (6) - 330 points
     • Upgraded to Destructor
     • Two photon thrusters

Thallax Cohort (3) - 175 points
     • Upgraded to Destructor
     • One multi-melta

AdSec Covenant (20) - 110 points
     • Upgraded with Carapace Armor and Revenant Alchemistry

AdSec Covenant (20) - 80 points
     • Upgraded with Induction Chargers

Fast Attack

Usarax Cohort (3) - 165 points (I plan on using the models shown below for the Usarax, as FW hasn't made them yet)
     • One powerfist

Heavy Support

Myrmidon Destructors (3) - 215 points
     • One volkite culverin
     • One conversion beamer
     • One irradiation engine

Krios Venator Tank Destroyer (1) - 185 points
     • Upgraded to Destroyer
     • Two volkite sentinels and extra armor

This all comes to a grand total of 2,025 points - 175 points over the 1,850 limit.

My question to you is, what should I drop?  I'm leaning towards dropping the Krios, or the second Thallax Cohort.

What say you, sages of the interwebz?



  1. I say this as someone else attending the event, but I'd drop the Krios. That piece of armor is going to draw a lot of fire, I feel your other items all have a better chance of lasting...

    1. Thanks for your input Nate, I've been leaning in that direction.

  2. Drop whatever is the least interesting to look at!

    1. But it is ALL equally interesting John ; )

    2. Of course it is! Behold the joys of 30k. I think you can safely drop the extra thallax. They are the right points value as others have pointed out. They can always show up for the apoc game. I

  3. I'd say the 3-man Thallax cohort at 175 is the easiest to drop as it's bang on the points.

    Can't wait to see the army all together, that floater is going to be an amazing Magos Prime!

  4. I'd drop the tank. As Nate said, as the only piece of armour in the list, it'll draw a lot of fire and its chances of survival are rather low. Plus Thallax look cooler!

  5. Drop the extra thallax, you have 6 more and the krios just looks too cool to leave behind. Maybe drop some of the options and use those points elsewhere so if/when it does get shot up it won't matter as much.