Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Redemption Of The Fallen

Things have been quite busy for a while now, and the busier my real life (and hobby life) gets, the fewer posts seem to make it onto the blog. Well, after being busy prepping for Historicon, prepping for Games Day, prepping for WI312, prepping for my annual "week at the beach", and actually going on my vacation, I can say I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.

First things first.

It is less than two weeks until the NOVA Open, which means you have less than two weeks to go and buy some raffle tickets for the Redemption of The Fallen army! Please head over to this page HERE and start buying tickets like crazy.

Of course, if you need to see more great photos of the army you can check out these professional shots. I'm very pleased to have been able to help out with this event in a last minute capacity. Hopefully next year I can plan in some more time *crosses fingers*

Second things second.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my last, super-self-indulgent, whiney post. It was good to get the disappointment off my chest, and be able to state (somewhere in the comments) that I'm not angry at the AOP competition, or GW, or the folks at Games Day, or the other winners. I had simply built my hopes up way too high. My thanks also go to those folks who made some good suggestions regarding the "dynamic" between my display and my army, very helpful.

And finally...

I haven't been slacking. I've got a few more posts that are ready to be typed up, as soon as I get the time ; )

Here are a few teasers.



  1. That Tau and the Stitchers look great. My inner Space Marine nerd is hoping another Lamenter is inbound. I'm looking forward to all of these posts. :)

    1. Yeah I am excited to see those Stitchers done up as well, they look great!

  2. Promising ! Very elegant and "narrative minis" as usual.


  3. Okay, I'll bite. What are the "stichers"?


    1. Stitchers are from the post-apocalyptic game Wreck-Age. A lineage of doctors who decided after the world went to crap, to use their medical arts to save themselves even if it meant harvesting organs from the unwilling.

      Essentially they're 28mm kidney thieves.

  4. I hope your tau model is coming to NOVA this year, however I am most interested in the raven guard model you are working on. Are you doing a heresy era army now? In one of the HH novels there is a raven guard assault marine who wields two swords and who managed to cut the face of Emperor's Children marine Lucius. It was a rather compelling story, one that may end up with that marine killing Lucius the first time.