Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No, I'm not addicted. I can stop anytime I like.

A quick promo for two Kickstarter projects that friends of mine are involved in.

The first is Incursion (from Grindhouse Games). I'm really keen to see how far this can go, and if it'll lead to Jim and John tackling more theaters in their Weird War Two "dungeon crawl" (I guess). The artwork and personality for the game is right up my alley, and you can read all about painting up the original Incursion models for charity here.

Get on it!

The second one is Angry Sheep (from Iron Box Games - a "division" of Secret Weapon Miniatures). Justin McCoy has put together a very cool little beer and pretzels game (or maybe just the beer OR the pretzels), but with a delivery date of December 2014 on a very simple product, I'm thinking this'll make a great Christmas gift (so, I'll be pledging at the $45 level and grabbing two).

So, check out these two projects. I hope you like the ideas behind them as much as I do.

They also have kick-ass videos!


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