Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flames Of War - Late War Germans

Just recently I completed a quick(ish) commission for some Late War Germans. The client was very keen on the color scheme and we had a good chat beforehand about the approaches we wanted to take. 

The vehicles are done in a fairly straightforward German scheme, and were done like this:
• Basecoat with the War Paint (FOW) German Armour spray (which matches the Vallejo Middlestone exactly)
• Airbrush on the brown dots using Vallejo German Camo Medium Brown
• Airbrush on the green dots with Vallejo Model Air Tank Green
• Wash the tank with GW Seraphim Sepia
• Light drybrush of Vallejo Middlestone
• Very light drybrush of Middlestone mixed with Vallejo Pale Sand

The rest of the detailing was pretty straightforward, and I used Vallejo Hull Red to pick out the areas where the Panther's zimmerit had chipped off (above).

I painted the infantry in much the same way as the Early War Germans I painted last year. However, quite a few of these troopers had camouflage smocks and helmet covers on. I basecoated these in German Camo Medium Brown, the green was Reflective Green, and the bone color was German Camo Beige.

The infantry models are all still photographed on their painting sticks as the client is going to do the basing.

The heavy mortars above were easier to paint once assembled on their artillery bases. Instead of using Middlestone for these, I basecoated them with German Camo Ochre.

The 18 halftracks were painted in much the same way as the Panthers at the start of the post. The only difference amongst this group were the 6 transports in the last photo. They were painted with larger areas of camouflage, with the intention of creating a roughly equal balance between the gold, brown, and green.

I hope you like these models. Hopefully I'll be able to put together a but of a tutorial on different ways to do the camo patches on German armor.



  1. They look very good. Totally beat the pants off the Brits I just finished! Hope your client is well chuffed.

  2. Very nice. From a modelling perspective I would really like to do some of the different german camo patterns with an airbrush. Need to finish my British first though...

    For the Vallejo middlestone did you use vallejo model air or vallejo model colour?


  3. Everything looks good especially considering that this was quick(ish). Which when compared to my speed of painting is probably nearing escape velocity.

  4. Is it sad that sometimes I seriously consider offering you cash to quickly paint up some guys for me so I can finally have a fully painted FoW army? Nicely done mate! I'd be interested to see the Americans you were working on at one point ;)

  5. Beautiful work! I'm guessing they are eager to get them on the battlefield.

  6. Hull Red is one of my fave VJ colors. If you want to go one more (and stay quick) try some AK pigment fixer and any weathering powder on those treads. Magic!

  7. I will look forward to a tutorial on German camo. It is so interesting. Battlefront has some great articles on it on their website, if you have not already seen them:

  8. Superb painting on those vehicles. You are obviously a dab hand with the airbrush Sir.

  9. Beautiful stuff, Dave - how on Earth did I miss this?!