Thursday, October 4, 2012

Puppet Wars In Plastic!

Last week (I think) I showed you all the plastic Malifaux that were sent to my door by the great folks at Wyrd Miniatures. Well, I had a few other sprues arrive with that box, and when I offered to send some of them on to a few of my friends who love Puppet Wars, I was offered, in return, a few cool bases.

That's right. This post was delayed while I waited on USPS to deliver the above pack of 'planky' bases from Chris Borer (and his Full Borer Miniatures line). These bases are ones he has made for the metal Puppets and weigh in at 23mm in diameter. They are very nicely detailed with wood grain and nail and screw heads. Check them out here.

Chris also sent me a prototype of his 30mm planky base designed to work well with the slightly larger plastic Puppets. Speaking of which, I clipped off and trimmed up three of my favorites from the sprue. I love the poses of each of these, and the detail in all of the models seems to be a step above the Malifaux plastics, putting them directly on a par with GW's plastics. The models vary in their number of pieces (the girl above was six if I recall correctly, while the creepy chap at the bottom was only two).

These models just look great, overflowing with malicious character. I'm sure they'll paint up quickly, and you could spend all evening on each one to really bring them to life.

Once again, well done Wyrd!



  1. My wife and I are huge fans of the game and had to commit a no no and printed off the character avatars on 1" rounds so we could play with all the characters. This will be awesome. I miss the game. Thanks for the update.

  2. They all look fantastic. I haven't played Puppet Wars yet but I do look forward to its rerelease and plan to order the game once it's available.

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