Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, Bone Bases, and Movember!

Happy Halloween, to those who celebrate it, Happy Wednesday to those that don't! My girls had a great time giving out treats and then collecting some from the great folks in our neighborhood. My wife and I will be good for chocolate for while now.

Amongst the wide variety of things I've been dabbling with over the last few weeks, I decided to start in on the cool Secret Weapon Miniatures bases I'll be using for my Lamenters. Here are a few I've finished (well, almost finished, just the gore and blood to add once the models are in place).

This one is the base for my Furioso Dreadnought. I'm pretty happy with how the dead Carcharadon turned out. I hope my nemesis Dave likes it too.

And here's the start of the base for my Storm Raven.

Finally, I just wanted to remind you all about our Guns Of April team for the great charity effort that is Movember! By supporting me growing a mustache, you are supporting both awareness about and research into a number of men's health issues, including testicular and prostate cancer.

Click HERE to get your donation on!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mr Awdry, just wait until there's blood!

  2. Great bases, Dave!

    As for Movember, it's half-term at the moment, so with a week off school I started growing my 'tache a half-week early (what with me not being a particularly hirsuite individual) but the heavily pregnant Mrs Drax took one look at my bum-fluff yesterday and announced that I was NOT allowed to partake as I'll just "look creepy" in all the impending new baby photos.

    She's right of course.

    Now it just becomes a battle of our respective willpower.

    Which means, of course, that she will win. Ho-hum.

    1. Thanks Drax. On the Mo front, my wife has gotten behind it to the tune of our youngest's first birthda party being moustache-themed. Also, we're requesting that in lieu of gifts for her (as she already has a ton of great toys and clothes from her older sister) that all attendees donate money to the Movember cause.

      : )

  3. They are seen very well, You were Refilling the hollows with blood?

    1. Yep, there'll be a thin layer of gory blood, with splashes on the skulls and bones, and up the legs of the Marines.

  4. Really awesome work :) Your chaos stuff has been very inspirational...used some of your ideas for my renegade Imperial Guard, and on a few Chaos Marine items. Keep up the good work!

    Matt-Power Armoured Metal

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