Friday, September 14, 2012


There have been a lot of miniature wargames-based campaigns launching on Kickstarter recently, and it has been very interesting to watch things tick along.

As someone who has worked in the "toy soldier biz" for the past two decades, I'm well aware of the costs involved in getting things off the ground, and then the momentum needed to keep things rolling. I'm fairly certain that sometime in the next few years that someone will write a thesis on the pros and cons of it all.

One thing that many of us will have seen (or even felt ourselves) is the level of excitement surrounding a successful campaign, and even more so with a wildly successful campaign (like Dreadball, Zombicide, or - the grandaddy of them all - the Reaper Bones campaign). We get caught up in what seems like a wonderful thing, and we're reluctant to miss out.

Well, fortunately I've been able to hold off on jumping into the "incredibly effective pre-order system" until now. Yesterday I pledged my support for the Dreamforge Games campaign and I'm looking forward to getting a hold of my Leviathan Mortis and Eisenkern APC next year.  Why this campaign Dave, and not the others that promised crazy rewards (like 250+ minis at the $100 level)? Well, the other minis didn't really speak to me, I just wasn't interested in having a bunch more models around I'd never paint. However, I've been excited by Mark Mondragon's designs for the last few years. Once or twice my hand even hovered over a button that would've seen me purchasing the original resin models.

So, I've finally taken the leap. Head on over to the campaign and see if there's anything there that "floats your boat", and if there is, think about jumping on it asap. Less than two days to go in the campaign.

Kickstarter campaign:

Dreamforge Games blog:



  1. Dave, I bought into this one too for the same reasons. The APC is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't resist the "knight titans" as well. Now I just need to decide on which weapons to pick.

  2. Kickstarter-addiction is a serious illness!!

    But you sure picked a good one, if not the best, to jump in.


  3. I agree, can't wait to get my leviathan! Also trying to convince myself that I can actually afford a couple of squads of troopers, heavy troopers and some APCs...

    Cap'n Stoogey.

  4. I got in for three Leviathans and a bunch of weapons to go with them...

    They are absolutely astonishing.

  5. You realize this post is not helping my willpower at all with this particular Kickstarter. Especially after dropping $200 on the Sedition Wars one!!!

  6. Wow Dave, I don’t know what to say, of course thank you!

    At the risk of sounding like a mutual admiration club, I have been following your work for quite some time and can’t wait to see what you do with those kits.

    Thanks again for the shout-out!

    1. No worries Mark, sorry I didn't do it earlier in the campaign. I'm glad everything is going so well. A great "stage 2" for DreamForge!

  7. I just bought 6 of the biggun's, and one of the 15mm Mortis. Couldn't resist.

  8. Couldn't resist as well, for the same reasons as you, Dave ;-)

    However, while the Titans are great, I'm really in it for those Shocktroopers. Loving the "Jin-Roh" vibe ;-)

    Now, should I transform these into some kind of scary, faceless elite for my Traitor Guard, or rather paint them as something totally different? Decisions...

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