Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First game of 6th Edition!

You know, I don't talk much about my gaming. That's mainly because I don't do much of it at all. But last night I played my first game of the new edition of 40K... and I quite enjoyed it.

I cobbled together 1,000 points of Lamenters and threw down against my friend Jake's Eldar. So, not only was it my first game of 6th, but it was also my first game with a tiny, super-elite force: Death Company Tycho, 8 Death Company with jump packs, 5 Assault Marines, 10 Tactical Marines, and a Furioso dreadnought.

It was Jake's second game of 6th, but he was well-versed in what his Eldar could do. He ran a very shooty force: 3 scatter laser-War Walkers, 2 squads of 10 Dire Avengers, 2 Wave Serpents, and a Farseer.

It was interesting learning a few things about the new system: defending against psychic powers, removing casualties from shooting, 2d6 for charging, and - much to Jake's chagrin - a lessening of the survivability of those damn Wave Serpents.

After three turns of dancing around, gunning my squads down with what seemed like endless Bladestorms, Fortune, Guide, Doom, etc etc. I was down to Tycho, 2 Tactical Marines, 1 Death Company Marine, and a Furioso surrounded by the bulk of Jake's army.

Fortunately I got a chance to split my meager leftovers and, in a couple of glorious combat phases, I got to see just how brutal the Death Company version of Tycho can be. While my remainders took out a War Walker and a Wave Serpent, Tycho single-handedly took down a loaded Wave Serpent. He then weathered a crazy Bladestorm where he was hit 22 times (thanks to Guide), wounded 17 (thanks to Doom), and proceeded to save 15 times, and let his Feel No Pain suck up one of the other two wounds.

Still standing, he went on to take out the rest of the Dire Avengers and the Farseer in combat! By the end of turn 5 Jake had a single War Walker remaining. Quite the turn around.

In honor of this first match, I'm going to kit-bash a sweet Tycho stand-in. Now I just need to come up with a name and a bit of a background story for him.

Here's to many more games of 40K : )



  1. That's a great game, Dave. I love when something so crazy happens on the table that it inspires a project on the workbench!

  2. Outstanding, Dave! I have found 1000 point games to be a great time, because they allow you to focus on the really cool situations (like Tycho standing proud through a shuriken-storm). Here's to more great games!


  3. I"m with OST on this one, and it is always a blast to have that inspiration to pull out a truly nice centerpiece for an army :) Well played on your first game of 6th, and here's to many more :)

  4. I've been around since the Rouge Trader days and I think 6th is becoming my favorite edition. Although its getting hard on my wallet because of all the new allies and conversion possibilities. Look forward to seeing your Lamenter Tycho

  5. Finally a batrep where a Space Marine commander actually acted like...a Space Marine commander! Looking forward to see what you've got cooking model and fluff-wise for "Eldar-bane Tycho".

  6. You know that I end up being the one to console poor Jakey after such losses. A pox on ye Tycho!

  7. Awesome way for a game to end!

  8. It sounds to me like you already have a pretty good back story for your Lamenter Tycho. After all, Tycho himself originated in an old Andy Chambers v Jervis Johnson Battle Report in White Dwarf.

  9. Great to hear you playing 40K again.

    The rules are fun and great mates always make for a great game.

    Happy Gaming From Oz,


  10. Sounds like an amazing first game of a new edition to me!
    Glad to hear you had fun.
    Cannot wait to see your new version of Tycho.

  11. Suggestion for your Tycho.

    Brother Captain Janus (Roman god known for having two faces, god of doorways and entrances, Who better to lead the brothers succumbed to the Death Company).

    You are actually peaking my interest in 40k again Dave after many years...

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