Sunday, February 5, 2012

Go Big Blue!

Well, here in the US, another football season draws to a close with the Super Bowl. This year the New York Football Giants play the New England Patriots for all the marbles.

I've been following the Giants since 1989, so I'm excited to see them in their second SB appearance in the last four years. Last time (Feb 2008) they beat the Patriots in the final minute of the game, and this year promises to be just as close a battle.

I'm also very excited to be watching it with my two daughters, or at least the first half with them before they head off to bed. : )

Miniature stuff to return to the blog tomorrow, I hope.



  1. Sad our 49ers arent in today...

  2. Saw the Giants play in London in the 07/08 season - been following them from this side of the pond since the mid-80s. Game is on at 11.30pm here though, so it's gonna be a late one!

  3. Plus, of course, the 'Ferris Beuller' Honda commercial.

  4. I'm a Denver fan, but shall be cheering on the Giants tonight, hopefully I can stay awake for the whole game, but I'll fall asleep and miss the end, good luck!

  5. That pic is what it's all about! I've got my Barber jersey on as we speak, about to head out. Go Giants!

    Tough luck on the 49ers Mike, I was pulling for them this year, Smith was my fantasy QB too.

  6. Forgot you were a Giants fan DT. I should have teased you earlier this year when I had the chance, lol. Grats are in order now though! :)