Monday, October 17, 2011

Stuff for sale : )

Well, with another baby on the way, I figured it was finally time to sell off a whole bunch of stuff from "back in the day". I haven't used most of these models in an age, but I know that they'll make someone out there very happy. I could put them all up on eBay, but I figured I'd see if any of you guys were interested first. If you are interested, please send an email to tanithtaylor at gmail dot com. All prices listed below are in US dollars and include shipping within the US, international shipping will be extra.

First up is an Ultramarine Scout biker out on a recon mission. He's mounted on a blend of the Space Marine bike and the old Ork warbike. This Scout bike is also mounted on one of the earliest 40mm capsule bases to be assembled in the GW US Studio, I'm pretty sure it was my friend Ty that built the first one. Asking Price: SOLD!

I built this Adeptus Arbites squad with riot shields and power mauls for a Necromunda campaign back in '98 (I think). I must admit the paintjob is old and kind of tabletop quality, but they might still be of interest to some one. Asking Price: SOLD!

These Grey Knight alternatives were built for WD when the Dark Angel Veterans were released. The right arms are from the metal Grey Knights in power armor, the left arms are from the metal Grey Knight Terminators. The red on the robes is particularly rich. Asking Price: SOLD!

This Carnifex was built for WD. The conversion work was done by Ty and the paint job is mine. The quad-Devourer is still a great choice for a Carnifex ; ) The guardsmen on the base are painted like my Marcharian 24th PDF army, a little joke from "back in the day". Asking price: $100

The Dwarf Lord on Shield. A simple replacement of Alrik with the coolest Dwarf model GW has ever made, nuff said. Asking Price: SOLD!

A finally (for this batch at least) is the Wood Elf warband I painted up for a Black Gobbo special (I think). There is an obvious autumnal theme to the color scheme, and if I remember correctly it all comes to roughly 500 points. Asking Price: SOLD!

10 Glade Guard archers.

3 Glade Riders.

4 Dryads.

2 Treekin.

A Wardancer hero and a Sorceror (who I'm particularly fond of).

I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. That dwarf lord is exactly the same conversion I made! Mine has a magnetic base though, so I can switch from shield to foot if needed. (picture

    Anyway, good luck with the sale, you have some great stuff that should make some people very happy.

  2. Smart job doing the end run on eBay and offering the goods up to the community. Now, someone buy that 'fex, it's way cooler in person!

  3. Knew I should have just bid on the arbites. Ah well best wishes on the auction and new baby.