Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back from WarGamesCon!

It has been a busy week since returning from my first trip to WarGamesCon! Quite a bit of work, a lot of catching up with my now-willful daughter : ), and plowing on with my Golden Demon entries and commissions (more on those in a later post).

Anyway, back to the show. Simply put, it was great. Bigred, JWolf, Bushido Red Panda, and all the crew from BoLS were great guys to hang out with, chatting about toy soldiers and conventions and the mysteries of the world.

On the Friday, I ran the first of hopefully many Hobby seminars at the Con. It was a three class day, with participants signing up for all three. You can check out my post here to see the blurbs about each class. They were well attended and well received, wish made me quite happy and helped me relax for the rest of the weekend.

One great thing that is run at WarGamesCon something they call their Narrative Track. Three different Apocalypse campaigns running at the same time : ) We had 18-20 players participating, split over the three tables. My Blood Pact made their appearance on the Siege of Vraks table.

In this shot you can see my to teammates: Patrick on the far left with his Ork Stompa list (two Stompas and what seemed like dozens of Deff Dredz and Killer Kanz) and Cargill on the far right with his Nurgle Daemon Engine list (Scabieathrax, 2 Plague Hulks, 6 Blight Drones, and I think there were 4 Dreads too).

After having a Datasheet for just over a year now, I was finally able to field my Stalk Tank. Was it effective? It certainly drew a lot of fire : )

We were looking good in the first game, but our opponent Jason's Hades Breaching Drill arrived in our backfield just in time to contest the deciding objective. Game One was a draw.

In Game Two, Patrick and I defended an airfield while Cargill's Daemon Engines raced forward to keep our opponent Dan's IG at bay. Patrick and I worked well together and held on with some great backfield defence. Even though we pushed it an extra turn, we walked away victors in Game Two.

In Game Three we had to break through the breach in the curtain wall and hold the central objective. Each side was given a Reaver Titan, nice!

Our opponents raced forward and stood tall in the breach, giving most of our firepower plenty of opportunity to target the Reaver. In the second turn Patrick managed to take it down with a shot from one of his Stompa. With a wonderful series of rolls, the Reaver went into Apocalyptic Meltdown. A Strength D hit on all models within 20"!!! Our opponent Eric took the brunt of it as his Black Templars were well and truly gutted. We figured that was the right time to start buying the beers, which flowed for the rest of the evening. Despite seeing half their army disappear, the Imperials fought back and eeked out a victory.

Anyway, it's getting late. More tales in the next post.

Take care!



  1. Sounds like an amazing good time. I couldn't make it this year as my wife insists on being 8.5 months pregnant right now. But, I'm hoping to make it down next year.

  2. Mostly foot based Templar swarming around the feet of the Reaver when it went off....painful! Got super lucky with my run and zeal rolls though, and got that last squad into the breach. That was my favorite 40k game ever, again a huge thanks for playing Dave!

  3. Man, that apocalyptic explosion really hurt. I still can't believe we pulled that off. Great game, and your army is absolutely amazing.

  4. I agree guys, Mission 3 (Into the Breach) was easily the most dramatic of the weekend. So much emotion and the shifting tides of war. I couldn't believe that bloodied but unbowed ragtag band of Templars and Death Korps pulled it out. Out of such deeds is the Imperium of Man made!

  5. I saw part of a video on BOLS of one of your apocalypse games. I believe it was from the breach scenario. Every thing looked good.

  6. Best day of Gaming I can recall ever participating in. Thanks to all 5 of you. Such an epic time.

  7. It was fantastic seeing you again! I'm glad you could make it!