Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Admirable Humility

So, at the end of last Thursday's post, I promised to tell you about the final day of gaming at WarGamesCon.

Apocalypse game four! After racking up a satisfying total of 1-1-1 for the first day, we entered the second with great enthusiasm. Despite losing our Plague-ridden friend Cargill, we gained two allies in the form of Andrew and his Kroot Mercenaries, and Ben and his Eldar. This created perhaps the most motley of collections manning that final Vraksian "palace" - Traitor Guard, Orks, Eldar, and Kroot. Our opponents (Dan, Eric, and Jason) were joined by Rex and his vast amount of mechanized Blood Angels.

We were allocated a Warhound and a Reaver Titan, whilst the Imperials were able to add a Reaver and a Thunderhawk to their arsenal.

To make things a little easier, we divided our forces to defend each end of the palace complex, my Blood Pact focused on the North Gate, and Pat's Ork Walker Horde focused on the South Gate. Ben's rapid Eldar played the counter-attack role, while most of Andrew's Kroot hunkered down on the objectives.

Despite a slow grind of really abysmal shooting at the North Gate, we held quite well, as the Imperial shooting was just as cursed. Outside the South Gate, Pat had to deal with plenty of IG and fiendish Black Templars, and things looked grim for a few minutes there.

The crowning moment of the battle though was when the Thunderhawk, that had just deployed Templar Terminators, was chopped up by a Kroot Shaper Council, and apocalyptically exploded (Strength 9, AP2, 15" radius)! Despite the bold move by the Imperials, this devastation prevented them from seizing any of the objectives and it was called a victory for the anarchic forces of destruction!

Sorry, no pics : )

What I do have though, are pics of a terrain piece I built for a friend of mine for a big Apocalypse game he ran on his birthday recently. Built from 3 Bastions, 1 Shrine of the Aquila, 1 Citadel Hill, 3 cool weapons from Quantum Gothic in the UK, and a bunch of plasticard and some bitz from Cities of Death buildings.

Named "Admirable Humility", the structure really is anything but, standing two stories tall, with a dozen heavy bolter emplacements, three massive weapons of destruction, parapets to shield other defenders, and the blessing of both the Emperor and the Omnissiah.

The striking paint job was aided immeasurably by John Shaffer, who helped me out by laying down the fade from black to red, building up airbrushed layers from Scab Red through to Blood Red. A beautiful effect.

I know my friend really liked the piece (using it to claim victory in his birthday bash), and I hope you do too.

More updates later this week.



  1. Nice bit of terrain. I'll have to do something with all the bastions etc I grabbed when they came out. Something huge I would think... Of course, that's a long way in the future.

  2. That's a fantastic use of those kits, and I love the Quantum Gothic bits too. Great job.

  3. Mr Taylor, what is the red putty?

  4. Excellent piece of terrain!
    The conversion is awesome, and the paintjob is fantastic!
    Nice job.


  5. Thanks for the heads-up on the Quantum Gothic terrain/weapons. That's a great site, and I'll have to snag a few things!