Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Storm Wardens Surprise Arrives!

So, on my doorstep today I found a delivery from FedEx. A reasonably non-descript white box addressed to me. I took it inside, opened it up, and found the great loot contributed to "The Project" by the team at Gale Force 9!

These quality gaming aids will form part of the final bundle so that the lucky owner of the Storm Wardens army can comfortably throw down knowing that the icon of the Storm Wardens adorns their templates!

Item One: The Storm Wardens Turn Counter
The central dial spins and the bottom point on the shield points to the turn. Nice and easy!

Item Two: The Storm Wardens T.A.C. Template
This template (aka the Tactical Assault & Coherency Template) has three sides of 2", 4", and 6", just the thing for easily ensuring your infantry and vehicle squads are in coherency, and measuring out your 6" moves and assaults. In addition, the hole is just the right size to stick your finger through so you can twirl the template while you contemplate your next move.

Item Three: The Storm Wardens Multi-Template
Again the Storm Wardens sigil is etched into this 3-in-1 template (actually 5-in-1, but who's counting?) The Flamer template, as well as the 5" and 3" blast templates all in one handy, translucent blue piece.

Please Note: Gale Force 9 will not be selling the Storm Warden Templates, these are the only copies. So only the lucky winner will have them. GF9 do, however make a HUGE variety of other gaming aids (counters, tokens, etc.), hobby products, terrain, and other scenic materials. If your FLGS doesn't stock them, ask the owner to bring in a rack or two!

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  1. Awesome! What a great surprise from the guys at GF9.

  2. Thats the bees knees right there. I am constantly surprised at the great prize support that all of these 3rd party companies are putting forward. Kudos to them all!

  3. Totally awesome! Whoever wins will be 1 happy person!

  4. Fantastic stuff from GF9. Though not of the infamy of the rest of the painters, I think I do decent work. It would have been fun to get in on this!

  5. That's Awesome! Such a nice looking set there!

  6. Impressive an a nice move from the guys of GF9.

  7. that is too cool, GF9 comes through with some awesome swag this really kicks it up a notch!

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  8. Holy cow, that is awesome of them. GF9 for the win.

  9. GF9 comes through with an awesome added touch.