Saturday, June 26, 2010

Incoming! Storm Wardens Drop Pods

The Project continues apace, but it still seems that there are folks out there who haven't heard about it yet. People who would be interested in contributing to such a great cause, but who don't regularly check the Internet. So, I ask you all, on behalf of the Storm Wardens team (and Doctors Without Borders), please send those folks our way.

Anyway, on to the post. Last Saturday I went to my FLGS, Games & Stuff, to hang out with some friends and get some painting done. I also "took delivery" of three mostly assembled and entirely primed Drop Pods that were donated to the Project by Games & Stuff and assembled by Matt (the store's Wargaming expert). I got a lot of work done on them on that Saturday, and over the last week I've been finishing them off one at a time.

Anyone who has put together a Drop Pods knows that it is quite possibly the most detailed kit that GW has created. Sure, there's the Screaming Bell and the Stegadon, or even the Stompa, but all these other kits don't have the "toy factor" built in. By "toy factor" I'm talking about integral parts that move. In this case they're the leaves of the pod that open to disgorge its cargo and reveal the detailed interior. While it would have been very simple to build the Drop Pod and glue the leaves shut (which would also have cut the painting time by at least 60%), it wouldn't have shown off that great interior, and felt like I was cheating the final recipient of the army.

So, in the picture above you can see the sections Matt gave me for each Pod. Just perfect for painting everything that needs it, and still assembling the Pod so the doors open and close. You may also notice the pieces in the lower right corner. Rather than choose the armament for you, Matt has magnetized both options for each of the three Drop Pods. Great idea!

I used much of the same color scheme that I used on my own Ultramarine Drop Pods that I built on their release, including the striking hazard stripes on the edge of each leaf. There were differences, such as the location of the metallic panels, but it is a fairly straightforward scheme, letting the model itself do much of the work.

I hope you like these, and think they'll give the final owner of the Storm Wardens some extra flexibility in his army creation/deployment.

We now have a central blog too,, and we'll be keeping this updated as we begin the countdown to the final drawing (only 4 weeks away).

Finally, get your butt out there and tell more people about the Project, together we can really provide a great cause with a big chunk of change!



  1. Looking great Dave (as always).

    I'm happy to have finally gotten off my butt and contributed some funds to this worthy cause.

  2. unfortunately I have no friends who don't know about the storm warden project already, but in leiu of that...I can always donate more... :)