Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scout Sergeant Mkoll (and a Storm Wardens update)

So, it hasn't been all "Storm Wardens this" and "Storm Wardens that" since my return from Australia. On the contrary, there have been plenty of other projects consuming my spare time.

Here's a few shots of the "test paint" model for the Tanith army I'm working on. One proplem I've always had with the Tanith are that they wear black fatigues, with black webbing, and matt black body armor. At 28mm, that makes for a pretty dull model. Fortunately the Scouts get the camo cloaks, so there can be a bit of variety. I've found that when a palette is very simple, it becomes more important to highlight everything well. Hopefully you can see that in the photos. But I have taken my time highlighting the black.

The client is happy, so on to the rest of the squad. Once they're all painted to this level, I'll putt on tattoos for the Tanith members of the squad.


With one mimi-drawing down and many more to go, we have another taking place tonight on Jawaballs Live! The show starts at 6pm EST (that's 11pm GMT for folks in the UK and Europe). John from Santa Cruz Warhammer will be on with Jawaballs, answering your chat questions about the Storm Wardens Project, and the guys will be giving away some Jawaballs loot.

If you want to get your hands on some great prizes, provided by some very generous stores, then head to the right column, click the paypal button and select an option. The higher the number the more chances you have (1 chance for each $). There will be ore mini-drawings before we get to the finale, so get in now and make the most of your contribution.



  1. Dude - you completely nailed that! From the Nalwood lasgun stock to the mud on the boots and pants. You make the "all black" mini look awesome!

  2. I love the Nalwood treatment on that stock. Excellent work.

  3. Just checking out all the Storm Warden stuff you guys are doing. It is seriously an amazing and inspiring gig, and an awesome way to contribute effectively to a great charitable cause. This should be an annual thing if you can all afford the time!

  4. That Mkoll is perfect. Great work, I love all the details.

  5. Mkoll looks just how I imagined him! Well done!

  6. Mkoll looks great! How about a little step by step on your camo scheme??

  7. Whats up with the hand on the rifle? SOmething looks off...