Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Pact in sight!

I think it was last post, but I know I've mentioned the Perry Miniatures American War of Independence (AWI) American Militia miniatures I was painting for work. Above is a shot of the first 20, painted as patriots (by using some blue/grey colors) using the "dip" method. This is the first time I've really used it, and it was quite interesting. I enjoyed the process for these miniatures so I painted another 20! Finished them up this morning, and painted them as loyalists (by using a red/brown where I'd used the blue/grey on the others).

You'll be able to see more shots in November's issue of Wargames Illustrated (#265).

Anyway, back to the sci-fi/fantasy realm.

I currently have two commissions on the go. The first is to convert and paint a Fulgrim in the same style as Chris Borer's Slayer Sword winner from Chicago in 2007.

I still have quite a bit of sculpting work to go. Wish me luck!

The second one, below, is to build and paint a Night Lords Chaos Lord with two Lightning Claws and a combi-melta. The commissioner wanted the boltgun and meltagun integrated into the claws. He also wanted wings (the Night Lord influence). We both agreed, however, that winged helmets were silly.

I wanted to do something slightly different with the wings (rather than just use the very cool Possessed winged backpack). After seeing the winged Daemon Prince by Lemmingspawn on DakkaDakka, I wanted to do something similar.

Here's the right claw with the bolter integrated into the "little finger" spot.

And the meltagun on the left claw.

All that remains now is to get it painted!

Only three weeks until I have to have my seven Blood Pact vehicles finished for the Battlefoam tournament, as well as having these two jobs done. Should be a busy time.



  1. Dave, Love the AWI figures, glad to see you trying the dip method, but be warned, you may become a lazy painter. I found that ever since I started to dip, my regular painting has fallen by the way side for the speed method. From time to time I feel that I need to paint a figure without dipping.

    They look good man, look forward to seeing more AWI figures...

  2. I love the wings on that Lord.
    You should definitely repose the legs, though. He looks silly just hovering there.

  3. For now NLL (Night Lords Lord) looks a bit silly - his wings are for now looking like some kind of glider ;] I'm looking forward to see how it evolves.

  4. O-man that's going to be awesome!

  5. Thanks guys

    The Lord will be standing on the ground (probably on one of Jeff's great Dragon Forge bases), so he'll be in more of a Wolverine pose ; )