Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Archenemy's Command Squads

Too long, it has been too long!

As well as painting a few of the Perry's Loyalist Militia from their American War of Independence and a few of the British Legion too, I've managed to finish off the Command Squads for my Blood Pact army.

Here's the Command HQ. From left to right: Standard Bearer, Officer of the Fleet, Company Commander, Plasma gunner, Vox Caster, and the second Plasma gunner.

And here's the Platoon Command: From left to right: Vox Caster, Flamer, Platoon Commander, Flamer, and Heavy Flamer.

The Standard Bearer.

And the Officer of the Fleet. I thought a lot about what kind of "man" would be crewing the fleets of the Archenemy and settled on the idea that there would be quite a lot of Dark Mechanicus types, plugged into warp-twisted machines, guiding their vessels according to the will of their masters (and the Dark Gods they are sworn to serve). This Forgeworld Renegade Preacher seemed like a great choice. I hope you like him.

So there you go. that's it for this update. Hopefully I'll be able to get another up by Sunday. If my wife and daughter are feeling better and I don't catch the cold that they've had these last few days ; )

Oh, and my wife says "Hi!" to everyone!



  1. Holy hell they look Chaos indeed....can almost hear the heavy metal in the background ( if they where alive) ....the small details give them a sense of realism..the spent shell casings, miscellaneous debris and the scars that still have fresh blood..all very, very kool details.

    The bases are great, love the rubble and ash waste effect..the painting is spot on as always. Really like the pale skin color, very morbid and sickly.

  2. I spot some Dragon Forge there. Don't you agree that a great base is so inspiring? The 40 mm hero base with your crazy on it is just awesome work. We are your humble followers.
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. superb as always dave. The Company commander looks like one pissed off dude.

  4. Awesome work, these guys look really good and chaotic. I love the banner and the master of the fleet.

  5. great work, Dave! ;]

    And Hi Dave's wife.. mistress ;]

  6. incredible work Dave. The Company commander is amazing, his pose gives him real stature

  7. Wow dave! those guys are seriously impressive but in particular i LOVE that yellow and rusted steel back packs. those colours are electric!! amazing!

    Youll have to let us know how you did that in the future.

  8. There are simply no other words to describe these other than, incredible. I never cease to be amazed by your skills.

  9. Hi DT, I think the free hand on the Standard Bearer is great and I really love how the yellow pops!! Fantastic work overall...

  10. These look great. Really inspiring work all around. I especially like the dark mechanicus master of the fleet. Great choice.

  11. I'm going to buy this batch from Forgeworld but I don't want my leader to have a plasma pistol so that fig may get demoted some...

    I was just painting that Dragon Forge base Friday night. I'll have to take a picture of mine...

  12. AWESOME!

    How did you get the blood on the banner to look so realistic?

    And how do you get the yellow to pop like that?

  13. Hi guys

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to those who asked questions.

    Rusty backpacks/popping yellow:

    Prime Black
    Drybrush with Tin Bitz
    Drybrush with Boltgun Metal
    Wash with, Devlan Mud, wash with Badab Black
    Slap on in patches Solar Macharius Orange (so that it looks like bits of flaky paint left on the pack)
    Highlight by adding Sunburst Yellow, 2 or three layers.
    Final highlight of Sunburst Yellow and Skull White
    Stipple on Scorched Brown to add extra depth.

    Blood on the banner:
    Stipple on Scorched Brown
    Stipple on Scab Red
    Stipple on Scab Red/Blood Red mix
    Stipple 'ardcoat over the previous layer

    Have fun!